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Mother is reading book for her son

Naturally children are drawn to books, not only can they immerse themselves in another world, but from a very young age children learn that reading a book can be so much more than turning pages. It can be an opportunity to learn, to see new things, learn new words.. and most importantly.. books can be an opportunity like no other to just sit with the most special people in your life and have a ‘moment’ together.

At TakeItFromMummy we are passionate about books because we know that reading books from such an early age can make a BIG difference to children in terms of their development.

Aside from the usual fiction books we all know (mainly those by Julia Donaldson, if your children are anything like mine!) there are also a large selection of books that we can use to help our children through all sorts of transitions, from starting school to every day worries.

I have complied a selection of books that I hope you might find useful one day. If you have found any other titles that you have used with your children to help them with something specific we would love to hear from you. Your find could help someone else’s little one with something tricky! xx