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The Huge Bag Of Worries By Virginia Ironside

I have lost count of the amount of times I have recommended this book to friends for their children and have used it in settings before with children dealing with anxieties. Even if your little one just has the occasional worry, this is a great book to read with them for reassurance and support.

Jenny had always been a happy girl, but one day things just started to get on top of her, she started to worry about all sorts of things, and then one day there appeared a HUGE BAG OF WORRIES! This bag followed her everywhere and got bigger and bigger until Jenny couldn’t carry it any more. She asked her brother for help and he made her feel a bit silly so after that she decided not to tell anyone else about her Huge Bag Of Worries because she worried that they might make her feel silly.

One day, the old lady next door noticed Jenny crying, she spotted her huge bag of worries and let them out one-by-one, because usually if you show them to someone else they will go away. Some she sent packing because she said they belonged to other people and some she just blew a kiss to. In the end the Huge Bag Of Worries was gone!

This is a fantastic book for sharing with children of any age, and gives something tangible for children to understand and will give reassurance if they do have any worries.

The Huge Bag Of Worries By Virginia Ironside available below.

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