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 A Big Shouting Day! Oh yes… we have ALL been there with our toddlers! You know those days when the children…” don’t want to wear that” , shove their breakfast away, refuse to clean their teeth! Yes, those days when you just want to stand behind a door and scream!

‘My Big Shouting Day’ by Rebecca Patterson has become a firm favourite in our house. I don’t know about you, but I hate putting my little ones to bed without a nice atmosphere because they’ve been naughty and I am cross. Not all days are bad, but when they are, we sit down at the end of the day and I say to my daughter.. “Today was a big shouting day. Can we start tomorrow with a smile.” It makes everything ok before bed.

If you’ve had days like this, you should definitely read My Big Shouting Day with your little ones. ESPECIALLY if today has been one of ‘those’ days.

“Yesterday I woke up and my baby brother Bob was crawling around my room licking my jewellery, so I shouted GET OUT OF MY ROOM! and that was the start of MY BIG SHOUTING DAY!

A hilarious read that every single parent AND child will be able to relate to.

My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson is available on Amazon Here.

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