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The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb – My Review

We all know Julia Donaldson, she is the modern day Roald Dahl and her stories, such as The Gruffalo, will no doubt go down in history. I would like to think that my daughter will be reading those stories to her children with such fond memories of her own childhood as I have with the Shirley Hughes books I loved so much as a child. 

The Paper Dolls has a lot to live up to with such outstanding predecessors. (I am probably a little late on this band wagon as it was published in 2012 and I have only just discovered this story) However late, I am so glad I found it!

I have to be careful with how much I say because it would spoil the ending if I were to tell you too much. So all I shall say is this…

The story is about a little girl whose Mummy helps her make some Paper Dolls, the dolls go on all sorts of adventures with their owner and holding one another’s hands they face some fears along the way. Their biggest being a little boy with some scissors!! The ending to this story is so beautiful and I sat for some time after with my little girl talking about all sort of things that the book prompted in her mind. I won’t lie.. there were tears.. from me, not her, nice tears.

Perhaps one of my absolute favourites now I hope that this one touches many other families. That woman is a genius!

If you’ve not read this yet, Its a must.

Enjoy Mummies xx

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