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The Book Title: Love Monster & the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright

Your Name: Rebecca chumun

Age of child trialing the product: 3.5 years

Gender of child trialing the product: female

Duration of trial: 1 month

Love Monster is a cute character who finds a box of chocolates on his doorstep and the story follows his thought process on whether to keep them for himself or share them with his friends. The story is fun to read aloud and also interesting to look at with bold and unique pictures. My daughter loves the Love Monster character and likes to pick out her favourite chocolates during the story. I can see this book making a regular appearance during our bedtime stories.

Easy to read:

Star Rating: 5 – It’s a simple enough story to read and gives plenty of chances for fun intonation and exaggeration when reading it aloud.


Star rating: 5 – The pictures are in my opinion the best thing about this book – they are bold, fun, interesting and a bit different. I like how the text intermingles with the pictures too.

Appeal to children:

Star rating: 4 – My daughter generally liked the story and the love monster character, and she liked to look at all the different chocolate descriptions. However even after several times of reading the book with her she hasn’t fully understood the ‘moral’ at the end, so I think the book might be even better suited to slighter older (4+) children.

What you like about it?

The pictures and the little extra details like all the chocolate descriptions which give opportunities for the child to pick out things and ask questions.

What you don’t like about it?

The mix of little and big letters within words, only because I think this would be a bit confusing to children if they are at the age to start paying attention to reading/spelling etc.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?



Beware adults, it REALLY makes you crave some chocolate!


Take It From Mummy would like to thank Rebecca for her wonderful review and also for donating to our charity to keep the book. We would also like to thank HarperCollins Publishers for supplying this lovely book and helping to support our charity.


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