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It’s been a while since I was compelled to write a review on a book, but Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls has tugged at the feminist in me, so I just had to share! I defy anyone to dislike this beautifully inspiring and timeless literature.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls - Take It From Mummy

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls has it’s very own story as the book itself is the most funded original book in the history of crowd funding.  Created by authors Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo and illustrated only by women, the book was created following their search for stories for girls with positive & strong role-models, which it seemed there was a huge lack of.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

The book features 100 stories from incredible women, both past and present, each accompanied by the most beautiful and inspiring illustrations.

An easy read, each double page spread focusses on an inspirational woman on the left and the illustration on the right. The stories are short and easy to read and are written in the form of a bedtime story, ‘Once Upon A Time’, and so because of that children are captivated by the stories. You won’t get away with reading just one at bedtime though I’m afraid, my daughter just couldn’t wait to read the next story.

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I was amazed when Olivia could tell me all about Frida Kahlo because they were using her as inspiration for some art work they are doing at school, she was so excited to read a familiar story and I was equally happy to hear that children are still taking inspiration from such iconic and wonderful work. I can’t wait to see what she writes on the last two pages which are blank, ready for your own little rebel to create and draw their story! LOVE

Another thing I love about these stories is the perfect mix of icons past and present, from Maya Angelou, to Cleopatra to CoCo Chanel. An unusual mix that just work in unison. My daughter’s favourites are many, but she adores the stories of Ashley Fiolek – A motocross racer, Michaela Deprince – Ballerina and Alek Wek the Supermodel. 


As the book itself says:

“It is important that girls see the obstacles that lie ahead of them. It is just as important that they know that these obstacles are not insurmountable. That not only can they find a way to overcome them, but that they can remove these obstacles for those who come after them; just like these great women did.”

And if proof was ever needed, here is Olivia, hair still wet from bath time because she couldn’t wait to dry it before she read the next story and she didn’t even notice I was in the room taking the picture!

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

You can buy Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls here on Amazon. It’s a sponsored link so I may earn about 3p if you buy it following that link 😉 x

Please share this review with Mums, Grandparents and Friends, I feel it’s a book every girl should have!

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