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We have been sent one of the award winning Shnuggle Baby Baths worth £30.00!

Our product testers are going to be very interested in this new and innovative design and material!.. See our Mum, Helen’s Review below!

Available here on Amazon: Shnuggle Bath The Soft and Cosy Baby Bath (Mint Green)

Modern and beautiful


Beautiful and functional with smooth curves and a flowing roll top that forms a contemporary yet iconic design that parents will love.

Featuring our clever Bum-Bump and back support to make baby feel safe and secure and help remove the stress from bath time.

Warm and soft

Made from a soft and tactile baby safe foam in a choice of five pastel colours. Both warm and soft to touch, the Shnuggle Bath is kinder to baby’s skin with great insulation that keeps the water warmer for longer.

The material is a super-strong polypropylene foam, which makes it extremely lightwight and very durable.  This amazing polypropylene foam is about a 1000 times stronger than other foams like polystyrene.



Your Name: Helen Everitt

Age of child trialing the product : Newborn boy (Birth to 7 weeks old)

Gender of child trialing the product: Male

Duration of trial: On-going – Started using when my son was born and still going. It looks like it will last another month or so, depending on how fast baby grows


Built to Last:

Star Rating: 4

The product has no knocks or marks yet, but I have been gentle with it as bathing a newborn isn’t a vigorous activity! I would think it may not store as well as a hard plastic bath, but I haven’t tried storing it yet to test this theory.

Value for money:

Star rating: 4

I think this depends on what your alternative would be. Compared to another bath seat I’d prefer to spend my money on this as it works really well. However a parent who was going just to use a normal bath with the baby lying down may think of it as expensive!

This bath also only takes a small amount of water to fill it so it doesn’t need much money to pay for hot water.

Easy to use:

Star Rating 5

I had SPD and hip pain before birth, so I was apprehensive about more physical things after birth, such as getting down to bath level to bathe my newborn.  However this bath was a godsend. The bath was very light and I was easily able to pick it up and put it on a table, even with water in.

What you like about it?

I really enjoyed using the Shnuggle Bath

The shape of the Shnuggle Bath really helped my baby stay sat up – even from his very first bath, leaving me 2 hands free to wash and play with him. No newborn flopping about in a scary fashion! To wash his back I just leant him forward over one arm and lifted him slightly out of the water to get to his back and bottom with my other.  This movement was made simple though with the help from the shape of the bath.

Also being so light I easily picked it up and put it on a table so I can make good eye contact and really bond with my baby every bath time

What you don’t like about it?

The grips on the bath to stop the baby sliding are slightly rougher than I would have liked, but my baby didn’t seem to notice.

What could make it even better?

I would like smaller/smoother anti slip bumps, but I don’t know if this would lead to baby slipping around too much.

Although there was a max fill line for the water, I went over this a bit as I found it easier to move baby around in the bath and wash his underneath bits, but this did make him slightly less stable – so this would be a personal call for any parents doing the bathing, I just thought it would be worth mentioning.

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Take It From Mummy would like to thank Shnuggle for sending us their amazing bath for review and also Helen for this fabulous review, beautiful photographs and for kindly donating £10 to our JustGiving Page for keeping the product! THANK YOU!



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