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LeapFrogMyPalScoutLeap Frog – My Pal Scout

I’m not really an interactive toy type of person, you know what I mean.. I prefer my little ones to play with idyllic wooden toys and jigsaws! However, we live in a world of new technology and who am I to say my children have to endure my love of all things vintage-looking!

As you can imagine, I am therefore a bit of a tough cookie when it comes to these new ‘faddy’ toys, however, I am a changed woman! Well, sort of.

Though I would prefer Scout to be a lovely neutral colour with slightly softer fur, it would seem my 15 month old little boy isn’t as concerned with this as I am!

The bits HE (ok! And me..a little bit) loves:

Top of the list: You can actually teach this dog your child’s name! Yes, it actually talks a sentence and uses your child’s name in it! I can’t describe the look on my little man’s face when he heard his name the first time!

You can also teach it your child’s favorite food, animal and colour. (In our case, banana, dogs and blue, just in case you were wondering). This means Scout can have a little conversation with your little one, and lo and behold, his favorite things are the same as your childs! The wow factor.

Along with most children his age, my little boy loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he has the actions down to a T, so discovering I could choose from a selection of lullabies & songs for Scout to play made me smile as well as him.

I was thinking it was going to be a bit of a pain to go about changing the settings, as there was a USB cable, this signifies effort to me! I take it back, I just plugged it in, created an account on the Leap Frog Website and ticked the revevant boxes, the end. The process took about 15 mins max.

Scout has an English Accent, this is an automatic tick in a box for me!

The bits I would change if I could:

As previously mentioned, the colour, though that’s my personal preference and you can’t please everyone.

It would be lovely if Scout’s light up collar was a button too, my little one is obsessed with everything you can push and he does keep pressing his collar in the hope something else might happen.

Handy Tip:

If you value your sanity, take Scout out of the cot, or don’t put him in there. My little monkey found it hilarious to ‘wake’ Scout up in the night and I nearly fell out of bed when I heard something yap down my baby monitor! Ha! Lesson Learnt!

Value For money:

We found My Pal Scout on Amazon here
for just £12.95, incredibly reasonable we think and totally puts it on the birthday gift list for the future.

My Pal Scout receives our top 5* Rating and we are looking forward to reviewing more Leap Frog products in the future xx

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