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SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Classic v2 website-290x290The Product: Snooze Shade for Infant Car Seat

 Your Name: Melissa Vaughan-Smith

 Age of child trialing the product (if applicable): 4 months

 Gender of child trialing the product: Male

 Duration of trial: 2 weeks

Built to Last:

Star Rating: 5

This product is a net fabric and all the seams are well made and so I think this will last for a long long time.

Value for money:

Star rating: 3

The product is possibly quite expensive considering it can only be used on a car seat.

Easy to use:

Star Rating: 5

Very easy to fit onto the carseat – even when my baby was already asleep. The elastic ensures it is a snug fit and its stayed in place even when windy.

What you like about it?

The design is very simple to use yet very effective – perfect for putting on in a rush! I like that it has a separate zip to ‘take a peek’ at your baby without having to open the main panel. It really does cut out a lot of the light which certainly helped my baby go to sleep in a busy and bright environment i.e. a restaurant. I also like that when the main panel is open there is a pocket that it goes into so it looks neat and tidy.

What you dont like about it

I don’t like that only works on a carseat as it doesn’t make the product very versatile. But it certainly does ‘what is says on the tin’. It’s also a shame that it covers the hood of your carseat, if like me you have a bright cheery design, and so it all looks black.

What could make it even better?

If the product could have an additional bit that you could add on to make it suitable for use on pushchair rather than having to buy a separate snoozeshade.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes – a few friends commented on how brilliant it was and have made a purchase!

Would you buy this product?

Yes – I will also buy the one made for a pushchair.

Melissa’s final word:

A very useful product especially if you use your carseat a lot when out and about i.e on the wheels of a travel system. Also if your baby is sensitive to noise and light it will help them to be in a more peaceful, less stimulating environment, which may help them sleep.

For more info visit Snooze Shade’s Website, where they are offering our members an exclusive £5 discount when  using the code MKBW5

Snooze Shade gets our TIFM 5* Rating & we think (know) it’s an absolute must-have for anyone going on a Summer holiday this year.

Nikki xxx

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