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Whether you’re trying to conceive or you’re pregnant, your smart phone (and Coca Cola if you have my cravings) are now your best friends! Here are our top picks of the best pregnancy and baby apps and why we like them!

Our Mum’s are continuing to compile their list as we speak!




NCT Babychange app

Our Mum Elaine Says “The NCT baby change one is good if you are off somewhere new and want to know where your nearest nappy changing facilities are”. 

Click here to download The NCT Baby Change app from the app store  or on Google Play here




My Days – Period & Ovulation

My Days App

 Susie: “I found MyDays really useful to help work out when were the key days for conceiving… Even more useful when trying for no. 2”

You can download My Days here from the app store There is a free version or the full version is £1.49




My Pregnancy – by Bounty

Emilie: “I had the bounty app during pregnancy and really liked it, as it gave you lots and lots of pregnancy/baby advice along the way. One piece of advice for each day…things you might want to start thinking about at that stage of your pregnancy, maternity rights, baby names etc… really helpful.”

What Bounty say:

Our app provides everything you need to know about your pregnancy, what is happening with your body, your baby’s development and much more!

  • Learn about the changes to your body and baby during your pregnancy.
  • Keep track of your day to day pregnancy events.
  • Get hints and tips for your pregnancy, impending birth and the first few days with your newborn.
  • Store your special photo memories.

You can download the FREE app by clicking on the image

Using the wonder weeks app now, which is brilliant although a little bit wordy. Really helps me to understand why my lg is behaving the way she is and what things I might come to expect from her during a particular leap

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 20.01.18The Wonder Weeks App

Highly recommended by many of our Mums is The Wonder Weeks app – Costing £1.49 on the app store

Our Mum Jo says,

“I used ‘The Wonder Weeks’ app and found it really interesting and very helpful in understanding why my daughter was being a bit fussy at certain times! The app details the 10 ‘leaps’ in development over the first 20 months of a baby’s life and helps you to understand the ‘signs’ that your baby is going through a leap, ‘abilities’ of what your baby might be able to do after a leap and ‘help’ on what you can do to support them! My daughter is now 21 months and I used this from when she was 5 weeks old and it has been invaluable! I used it most weeks and kept an eye on the chart to see when a ‘stormy’ period was coming up! Would definitely recommend x”


You can download the app here on the app store or for £1.25 on Google Play here 


BabyBumpPregnanacyAppBabyBump Pregnancy

Our reviewer Ally says “BabyBump was the app I used throughout both pregnancies. Found it really easy to use and every week we uploaded a new bump pic, it’s great looking back at them! It also showed baby’s size in comparison to fruit /veg which was quite a fun way of gauging the size of our little one! It has a contraction timer too which was great when the time came!! There’s a name finder and you can choose and keep a list if favourites. I loved the app. Only thing is it’s American, so some things aren’t 100% relevant to uk. Overall a fab app. X”

BabyBump Pregnancy is a free app which is downloadable via the app store or by clicking on the image x

BabyBump describe their app as:

free comprehensive pregnancy app and social network for expecting parents.

Follow along with your pregnancy and learn something new each day.
Keep a journal of your progress and create a birth plan for the big day.
Find out if what you’re feeling is normal and share advice with moms at the same stage.
Discover the best pregnancy products, expertly curated by our editorial team of parents.
Breast Feeding TrackerBreast-Feeding Tracker – by Whisper Arts

Our Mum Suzie says “I had a breastfeeding app which was good called Breast-feeding by whisper arts. You could log each feed (left side, right side, bottle), how much was taken/how long for etc I found this useful when I couldn’t remember when the last feed was!”

What the developers say:

Breastfeeding – an application for the young and modern Mums, which allows you to:
– Remember what breast-fed baby the last time;
– Record the time and duration of feedings;
– Keep a record of the child supplementary feeding with a mixture of mixed feeding;
– View summary reports of feeding a child for a day, week, month.

This is a Free app downloadable via the app store by clicking on the image




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