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At Take it from Mummy we have to admit, we are a little bit in love with the Gro Company right now.. following our 5* Reviews of their GroAnyWhere Blackout blind and their gro light we didn’t think they could top our expectations. Until, that is, we received their Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer!

The incredible design is here to help teach our children a reasonable time to get out of bed! Hurrah!!

In a nut shell, it is an animated clock that displays stars around the edge, you set the clock to ‘night time’ and the blue scene and stars appear, during the night the stars disappear one by one, helping to show children a visual image of passing time. When it is a reasonable time to get up ( get to decide this!) the sun automatically appears on the screen and children have a visual reminder that ‘the sun has come up’ therefore, they can get up!




The Gro Clock comes with a story book to read with your child on their first few nights using the clock – a fabulous and well thought out idea which sealed the deal for us!




A fabulous concept with a beautiful design..but.. DOES IT WORK!?? We gave our wonderful reviewer and Mum to two, Zoe a chance to test out this product; here are the results.

The Product: The Gro-Clock

Your Name: Zoe smith

Age of child trialing the product: 3

Gender of child trialing the product: Girl

Duration of trial: 1 Month so far

I was really excited to try out the groclock product. After 2 and a half years of my daughter sleeping till 8, it was a bit of a shock to the system when she started getting up at 5 each morning.

For the first week of trying this product my daughter didn’t really understand the concept of staying in her room till the sun appeared, but now, after a month of trying it out my daughter now stays in her room till 7 most mornings!!!  She loves being able to press the button to make the stars appear before bedtime and says good night to the sunshine each night.

Having the story book included with the groclock is a brill idea an she reads the story each night before making the stars appear on her clock.

Built to Last:

Star Rating: 5

This groclock is really sturdy, my daughter takes it I her shelf each night and morning to check if the sunshine has appeared and loves being able to press the buttons herself to set the stars.

Value for money:

Star rating: 5

This clock is definitely worth the money for those children struggling to stay in bedroom or ones that wake in the night. When my daughter wakes in night she looks at the clock counts how many stars are left and knows its still bedtime and then will take herself back to bed.

Easy to use:

Star Rating 5

The groclock comes with easy to follow instructions and the images on te clock are handy for children to be able to learn how to set the clock themselves for nighttime.

What you like about it?

The images on the clock and how te sunshine winks and fades to children before it turns into the stars. Also the nightlight in it is good.

What you don’t like about it

Love everything about the clock but  You have to make sure you put the hold button on as my daughter has realised that daddy doesn’t do this so she turns sunshine on in the morning before the set time.

What could make it even better?

Maybe having numbers under the little stars for Children to learn number recognition .

Would you recommend this product to a friend?


Would you buy this product?


Fab product really grateful for being given the opportunity to test this product out. Would definitely recommend for others to buy this product in the future.



Take It From Mummy would like to thank Zoe for her fabulous review and also to  The Gro Company for once again helping our charity! The Gro Clock has raised £10.00 from Zoe’s donation to keep the product which is on our just giving page.

If you would like to buy a Gro Clock Sleep Trainer, you can do so HERE



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