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Sophie La Girafe Body Lotion – Organic Skincare

Ahh, Sophie la Girafe.. the baby toy I didn’t have with my first..The baby toy I made SURE i got with my second! It seemed every baby group I went to there was a Sophie, every beautiful buggy that strolled past us in the street.. there was a Sophie la Girafe.

My little man loved his Sophie so much I even planned a Sophie La Girafe themed first birthday party!!

Well, since my daughter was born four years ago.. things have moved on. Sophie La Giraffe has branched out! She’s evolved into teething rings and books and NOW EVEN an organic baby skincare range!

Take It From Mummy was delighted to receive such a beautifully packaged medley of gorgeousness one Spring morning and we passed the range on to our reviewer Mellissa who gratefully tried them out on her six month old little boy, here is her review.


The Product: Sophie La Girafe Baby Body Lotion

Your Name: Mellissa

Age of child trialing the product: 6 months

Gender of child trailing the product: Male

Duration of trial : 1 week

My son has sensitive skin that gets very dry so I was interested to see how his skin coped with this product.  I used it on him at least twice a day mainly on his body.  The product was very easy to apply and soaked in very well leaving a lovely smell. The cream left my sons skin lovely and smooth and he had no reaction to it whatsoever.  I would highly recommend this product.  It is slightly more expensive than I would be willing to pay for a baby body cream but would make a fantastic gift for a newborn or as a baby shower gift. 

Value for money:

Star rating: 3

Comments – It is a lovely product but slightly out of my normal price range for baby products!

Easy to use:

Star Rating 5

Comments – Very easy to apply and soaks into the skin beautifully.

What you like about it?

The smell is lovely and fact that it only contains natural products meant my sons sensitive skin didn’t have any adverse reactions.

What you don’t like about it

The price.  £14.99 is more than I would pay for my own body lotion and although I like my baby to have the best I couldn’t afford this on a regular basis, especially as I am on maternity leave.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes definitely if they are willing to pay the price. I would definitely recommend for a gift.

This is a lovely product, if I was spending that sort of money on a baby product I would definitely choose this one.

We would like to thank One Two Kids for sending us these beautiful products to trial! If you’re thinking of buying Sophie La Girafe products you can find them, along with lots of other lovely things at their website, here



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