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breast vest

Anna’s Review of The Breast Vest!

The Breast Vest – available here

Your Name: Anna

Duration of trial: 4 weeks




Built to Last:

Star Rating: 4        I have only washed the vest a handful of times but it washes very well and has shown no signs of wear and doesn’t shrink or lose its shape. Also it doesn’t need ironing which is always a bonus!


Star Rating: 5

Really nice comfortable fit, material is really soft and it sits nicely under bust

Quality of material:

Star Rating: 5

Perfect material for this kind of product, soft, not too clingy

What you like about it?

The material is really nice and it does the job well! I’ve worn it over several tops and it is a really good idea as it saves you having to use the nursing tops which you have to pull down. It makes feeding easier especially in public.

What you don’t like about it?

The straps were very thin and felt a little bit flimsy.  The adjustable part got a bit twisted for this reason when I was trying to shorten the straps. I think they could have been a bit thicker.

What could make it even better?

I’m not sure what other products are available in the line but I’d say a longer version. I live in leggings and long tops since giving birth so if there was a long version that you could wear tops over this would be great. Also thicker straps as mentioned above.

Anna’s final word: Great product, I’ve used it a lot and it means that clothes I would have stopped wearing when nursing I can now wear!

Anna has very kindly donated £5.00 to our Charity for the breast vest, we would like to thank Anna for her review and also to Breast Vest for kindly supplying their item for review. xx


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