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Our Review on these reusable pouches is here!

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The Fun Reusable Food Pouch for kids on the go

Fill them with your own home made or store bought purees, smoothies, yogurts, or baby food and enjoy time and time again.  Feed your kids exactly what you want them to eat in a convenient, mess free and fun way. The pouches are easily filled and easy to clean using the double zip lock side opening.

Perfect for weaning babies as well as nursery, pre-school and school lunch boxes. Reusable pouches are a cost effective and eco friendly way to feed your little ones healthy snacks.

• BPA Free • Phthalate Free • PVC Free •

• Freezer Safe • Dishwasher Safe •






Your Name: Rebecca Taylor

Age of child trialing the product: 16 months and 3 years

Duration of trial: 10 days

When I first saw the product I thought it looked fun, it was bright and colourful and as soon as the girls saw it they wanted it! I have to admit one of my first thoughts was “this is going to leak!” (it didn’t).

My girls are 16 months and 3 years and they love pouches with fruit or yoghurt and I have to say they are my saviour when they are being picky or are ill so we were quite excited to test it.

On first filling I got it all wrong and ended up in a bit of a mess…there is a max filling window on the pouch but it is unclear whether you are supposed to fill to the bottom of the window or the top window and when I zipped it up all the yoghurt squeezed out! I quickly learnt that there was no room for error going over the max filling window!

We tested it with yoghurt, fruit puree and smoothies, the girls found it easy to handle, it didn’t leak and the lid seemed nice and secure, it was easy to cl
My only real problem with it is that I thought it didn’t hold enough. The volume it held would be great for first weaning but then I am not sure it’s something I would use for first weaning as it would be hard to ensure it was sterile.ean and even now after using it every day for 10 days it still looks like new.

Built to Last:

Star Rating: 4

Would seem adequate. After 10 days continual use it still looked like new…I would be worried how long the ziplock would last though.

Value for money:

Star rating: 3

I thought £6.95 for three was quite pricey when you take into consideration how cheaply you can pick up Tupperware for in supermarkets now

Easy to use:

Star Rating: 4

On the whole easy to use…ziplock can be a bit fiddly sometimes and the max fill line is a little hazy and you really have no room for error going over this line!


What you like about it?

It’s nice and bright and colourful, it was easy to use and clean. I liked that I could write my daughters name on it for her pre-school pack lunch


What you don’t like about it:

I thought it was too small….the size would have been great for first weaning amounts. Also thought that as it had space to write name on etc that it was aimed at an older child rather than a baby under 12 months

What could make it even better?

Definitely needs to be a bit bigger and max line window a little clearer. My 3 year old thinks they should be pink too 😉

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes if it held a bit more

Would you buy this product?

Yes if it held a bit more

Overall I thought it was a great idea/product. The ready made pouches in the supermarkets are expensive for what they are so this product definitely saved me some money. I’m glad I got the opportunity to review it and will continue to use it. It was easy to use and clean. As stated above I just wish it had held a little more.

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