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More 4 Mums Best Selling – Best Value Nursing Bra

  • This nursing bra is seamfree, giving an extra soft comfortable fit.
  • Makes a great bra for late pregnancy and the early days of Breastfeeding.  A great buy for your hospital bag.
  • Each Cup has a clip that allows for quick and easy access for breast feeding.
  • One size fits B-F Cups – save a fortune in bras !!!

Our new Mummy Jeanette is currently testing out this bra .. here is her 4* review!

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The Product:Emma Jane maternity bra

Your Name: Jeanette

Duration of trial: 1 month

I enjoyed the comfort of the bra was super at night time whilst feeding the baby, the breast pads stayed in place perfectly. I did have trouble fitting it underneath vest tops as the top came up quite high.

Built to Last:

Star Rating:3

The clips are a little flimsy compared to other feeding bras I have

Value for money:

Star rating: 3

Very comfortable loved the comfort at night time.


Star Rating 4

Fits beautifully and because of the wide back it helps to cover fat rolls.

Quality of material:

Star Rating 4

Very comfortable material is super soft, I chose to wear it on days I was sensitive because it was so flexible and soft.

What you like about it?

I liked the fact it was very flattering and comfortably fitted under t-shirts, the bra held breast pads in place superbly and material is super stretchy to allow for breast swelling over night and during the day.

What you don’t like about it?

The clips seem to come undone too easily sometimes just a knock and they’re undone making me feel a little uneasy at times, also because it comes up quite high at the front it limits the amount of clothing you can wear with it.

What could make it even better?

Lower cut at the front and clips to be stiffer to undo and do up.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes mainly as a night time bra.

Would you buy this product?

Yes, I would use it just after giving birth and during the night as it doesn’t offer the best support for the weight of your breasts.

Overall this bra is very comfortable tucks away discreetly whilst feeding and very comfortable to wear, I struggled to wear anything but t-shirt shirts and jumpers with it as the bra itself came up quite high. very comfortable to wear at night though and held breast pads in place with ease.

Jeanettes review gives a 4* rating!!

We would like to thank More 4 Mums for sending us this product to review xxx

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