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Paint Popsicles – Outdoor activities for children.. perfect for a heatwave!

A couple of weeks ago I put some photos on my Instagram of a little paint experiment I was doing with my children, I had so many messages I thought I’d pop a quick blog up so you guys can find it over the Summer if you’re looking for something to do outside with the kids!

All you need is: (love)


Top Tip.. encourage the children to help you make the paint lollies… as well as enjoying helping & learning about things going from liquid to solid, it will also help them understand that they’re not real ice lollies!

  • Squeeze the paint into the moulds – I didn’t add water as i didn’t want the paint to be watery while melting in the sunshine.

  • Add the wooden lolly sticks. The paint is nice and thick so the lolly sticks should stay pretty central when you add them to the middle. (If you purchased the lolly moulds in the link above you won’t need to worry about sticks.)

  • If you have the moulds that come with sticks just pop them in.

  • Place into the freezer … I put them in to set over night.

  • When taking out of the freezer, allow to come to room temperature for a short while so you don’t crack or damage the paint lollies by removing them. You could also place them in a bowl of tepid water for a short time to loosen.

  • Lay out your paper, or in our case, wallpaper backing paper and off you go!

The children loved making patterns with the different colours and soon began to experiment by mixing colours. They didn’t melt as quickly as I thought they would, so play continued for a good amount of time!

No… they didn’t try to eat them!


Nikki x


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