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So.. as many of you know I work freelance from home. My home is small-ish and I don’t have anywhere really for office or desk space. Similarly, over the last 7 years I have done my hair and make-up sat on the floor in front of a mirror. The reason for both of these is space, so imagine my joy when I discovered a solution to BOTH issues. Hallelujah I hear you cry! #firstworldproblems .. I know.

Ikea’s NORRÅSEN Laptop table is small but perfectly formed and though it is designed for laptop use, I, being the genius that I am have discovered a multi-use for this solid wood erection. Laptop usage by day…. dressing table by night. Oh yes indeed.

The table has a drawer on one end, perfect for make-up… if you were being very clever you could even insert a divider and have make-up one side and stationery the other. Frankly a match made in heaven. The other end whilst is supposed to house a laptop charger, which includes handy holes for the wires both underneath & to the side of the table, ALSO doubles up as a hair-dryer/straightener house for those who are spatially challenged, such as myself.

I feel I have excelled myself this time, which is why I wrote it down in a blog for you. So… if you too are space-less and need a solution to both work and play, I have indeed found it.

Here’s the link, you can thank me lateråsen-laptop-table-grey-art-00260677/

And if you fancy a closer look you can check out the short video on YouTube below x

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