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It’s been 16 months since I first sat in the canteen at Warwick Hospital with Anna the Fundraising Manager, the very same canteen I tried and failed to eat some breakfast in during labour with my second baby. Anna gave me the news that a new Midwife Led Unit was to be opened at Warwick Hospital and I nearly hugged her on the spot.

Having had both my babies in Warwick in the water, I knew only too well how much of a difference this new unit would make for local parents. It promised choice, it offered a bridge for those who would love a home birth but weren’t quite ready to make that leap and it also offered the opportunity of bringing the home-birth into a hospital, so those who were perhaps having their first baby could birth in the confidence that they are in the very best equipped environment should any unexpected intervention be required.

Knowing that there was only one birth pool at Warwick was such a cause of worry for me, having had my first baby in the water, I knew that I really wanted another water birth but that there was a huge possibility that it could be in use, given that there’s only one available. The new birth unit eliminates this issue with the addition of a further four birthing pools.

Craig and baby Olivia born at Warwick Hospital

I was committed to helping fundraise for the unit and so my place on the committee was sealed.

Indulge me for just a moment while I get nostalgic…nine years ago to the day.. today, I went into labour with my first baby. It was a boiling hot day, just like feet were swollen, I was shattered and I’d had enough, I just wanted to meet my baby. How apt that today was the day I stepped foot into the new Midwife Led Unit for the very first time.

If you had told me all those years ago that I would have been on this journey I’d never have believed you. But here I am nine years later reflecting on the experiences I’ve had since that momentous day. The journey I’ve been on and the experiences I’ve had.

So when I stepped inside and I saw the bluebells, I cried! I am genuinely over the moon for the next generation of parents in our area who will have the opportunity to have their baby in such an incredible place. The start of this journey into parenthood is a rocky one, it can be fuelled with self-doubt, worry and anxiety. I truly believe that those who will have the opportunity to start that journey in such an atmosphere as this are blessed.

The fundraising is not over though.. and there are many things we still need to provide.. £70,000 worth to be precise. I am almost at the end of my 30 day challenge, where for the month of June I have been doing a gym class every single day to raise money for the new unit, and very aptly, cooling fans! So that even in the heat of the summer, women will feel comfortable.

Please sponsor me… every penny counts! You can sponsor me here…

Here’s a quick look at room one, which is ready and equipped with everything new parents could dream of.. now all we need to do is provide these comforts in the other three rooms.

If you’d like to hear more about the new midwife led unit (The Bluebell Birth Centre) or to see a live video walk around, please go to my Facebook page here or The Birth & Babies Appeal Page here, and if you would like to donate I will be forever grateful, as will..I’m certain, hundreds of mums, dads and babies in Warwickshire.

Together..we CAN be the difference

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