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30 Day Gym Challenge for The Birth & Babies Appeal

It is only two months till the new Midwife Led Unit at Warwick Hospital is due to open! We still have £100,000 to raise, so I’m taking on my biggest challenge yet! I would dearly love you to sponsor me, or … if you’re feeling brave, you could join me & take on your own 30 day sponsored gym challenge?! 

Having had my first baby in July and on one of the hottest days on record, I personally know how difficult it can be to give birth in sweltering temperatures!! 

The new MLU has been funded by the NHS but as we all know they are stretched to their limit, meaning that optional extras or luxuries cannot be within the budget. Because of that the Birth & Babies Appeal was born, to raise money for those extras such as birthing pools etc… (see the list of items here, Birth & Babies Fundraising Wish List .

I was delighted to have been asked to be on the fundraising committee for the appeal and we’ve had loads of fun events so far including a Gin & Dessert night, Silent Disco, The Wolf Run and many more.

Anyway… there still hasn’t been enough money raised to buy these..

Knowing first hand what a difference they can make (may sound small to some) I am fundraising to purchase these cooling fans for each room to help ensure every mum has the most comfortable experience in those hot summer months.

I am therefore completely bonkers and am taking on a 30 day challenge where, for the month of June I am going to take part in a gym class EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! 

I am no stranger to the gym and usually go on Tuesday and Thursday but obviously adding a further five visits a week for 30 days is really going to be quite a challenge! I have already raised just over £940 via my JustGiving page but as you can see by the cost of the fans… I need lots more! 

Please sponsor me any amount you can as every penny will count here! 

If you’d like to join me in any of my classes I’d be delighted to have the support and if you’re a local gym and fancy having me along for a class or two just give me a shout! You could also take on your own 30 day sponsored gym challenge!!??

I’ll reward you all with daily sweaty selfies for your general amusement hahaha! 

As I’m sure you already know, supporting Mums is one of my biggest passions and I would be so happy to have something tangible to pass on to the appeal for all the hard work and literal sweat! 

Thanks so much for reading and in advance for your support!! 


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