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 With the fantastic news that there is to be a new Midwife Led Unit opening at Warwick Hospital we spoke to a local Mummy, Laura, about her experience at a normal NHS maternity unit and then her second birth experience which was at a Midwife Led Unit in Coventry.

Birth and Babies maternity appeal

Here is Laura’s experience:

We had a different birth with our first, labour lasted 36 hours and progressed slowly. The midwifes were great but I wouldn’t say we had a happy birth experience.  We ended up in surgery and it was very scary.
I didn’t want to have that experience again with my second baby, so as I was low risk, and no complications we asked midwife to refer us to Lucina (Birth Centre at Coventry Hospital) which was a straight forward process.

When I felt my waters break we called up and went over to get checked. We were immediately put at ease, they were so friendly and relaxed. Upon our return when the contractions were coming thick and fast, the same midwife met us and we birthed our gorgeous girl very quickly! At all times the midwife was laid back, telling me to listen to my body and not there telling me to push. She was gentle and I felt almost that it was just my hubby and me there.

It felt calm and quiet and exactly as I’d hoped for.

A major difference was afterwards! There was a happy atmosphere, my baby was placed on me and she stayed there for a good hour skin to skin. The after parts of birth were discreetly dealt with and my lovely midwife came to check on me every half and hour or so. They honestly couldn’t do enough for us. Meals given, endless drinks and painkillers. Friendly faces coming in to say congratulations and check up on us. Hubby could stay overnight but we felt ready to leave so discharged in 10 hours after birth, but could’ve been sooner or later it was totally up to us.
I would honestly say that the Lucina (Birth Centre at Coventry) made my birthing experience absolutely amazing I would highly recommend it to any mother.
I know second babies are quite often different but the relaxed approach made me feel empowered and that I would and could do it with no drugs or help!

I look back on my second birth with happiness and good memories and that’s down to the midwife unit at Lucina!

If you would like to read more about the new Midwife Led Unit opening in early 2018 click here. You can also click here to see our fundraising information so we can help to make even more of a difference to local Mums and Mums to be.

Birth and Babies maternity appeal

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