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Trunki Yondi Review

When Trunki sent us out their latest product the Yondi children’s neck rest we were secretly hoping it would also fit an adult (which it does! Just!) however, we stuck to the instructions and as ours was suitable from age 5+ we popped it in the car for our five year old daughter. (There are also Yondi’s available for age 2+).

Our daughter picked the Pablo Panda design which is super cute and includes and handy little clip for a blanket or comforter to click into if desired!


What better time for a road test than half term holidays and a sunny day in the car on the way home from a busy family day out at West Midlands Safari Park!

The Trunki Yondi is designed to make children more comfortable while travelling, it’s specific remit is to stop their little heads from rolling forwards. We all know that sleep is golden, so any product that promises our little one’s a comfy slumber I’m suitably up for road testing!

We weren’t disappointed! Our daughter tested out the Yondi on the way out too during the hour drive she just used it to relax with, it was really nice to see her snuggled up, gazing out of the window just watching the world go by!

So for the ultimate test, the sleep!..



As you can see, the Yondi did it’s job just perfectly! Now that she’s getting a bit older our five (and three quarters) year old doesn’t always sleep in the car. But here is the evidence! No head rolling and doesn’t she look so snuggled! Our Yondi now sits tucked neatly in the back of the car awaiting our next adventure, which knowing us, won’t be too far away!

What we like about the Yondi:

  • The cute designs have instant child appeal
  • The micro beads inside make the Yondi super soft and cosy
  • The magnetic sides are really descrete and by far the best material to use as velcro would be really uncomfortable and our daughter loved exploring the magnetic part!
  • Small enough to store in the pocket behind the driver’s seat and even the most grown up five ish year olds won’t find the designs too babyish

What could make it better?

  • In addition to the already gorgeous designs we would also love to see some familiar character designs such as Hello Kitty etc, however, that wouldn’t put us off buying one of the existing designs.
  • A storage bag (perhaps pump bag style) would be really handy for keeping clean inbetween journeys in the car.

You can explore the other Yondi designs on Trunki’s website here. 

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