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We are very excited to have been sent the next big thing from Lamaze!

The See Me, Hear Me, Photo Album!

Here’s what to know:

  • The See Me, Hear Me Photo Album from Lamaze brings babies and their families closer together!
  • Under each of the butterfly’s four wings is a hidden photograph: flip back the crinkle peek-a-boo wing to see!
  • Revealing each photo brings its own magic: you can record messages from friends and relatives to surprise and delight your baby!
  • The interactive butterfly picture frame can be made to stand vertically or be closed at the end of play.
  • Photos are protected so sticky fingers will not damage them. Finished in soft, tactile materials little ones will love to explore.

We gave this product to our Mum Reviewer Gemma to review with her baby girl who is six months old. Here is Gemma’s review!

lamazeseemehearmealbum2The Product: Lamaze See Me Hear Me Photo Album

Your Name: Gemma

Age of Child trialling Product: 6 Months

Gender of child trailing the product: Female

Duration of trial : 1 week

Me and Darcey are big fans of Lamaze. She always seems really drawn to the bright colours and I am always impressed at how many textures and materials they can squeeze on to one toy! 

So this toy is basically a photo book for 4 pictures, which you can record a message or word for your baby.

Like all of us time is limited, so getting around to printing off the picture in the right size was a bit of a hassle. If I wasn’t reviewing it probably would of never got done. I have empty frames all over my house! one of the jobs I wish I had sorted before having a baby.

It took Darcey a bit of time to work out how to lift the flaps and even longer to realise that the sound came out of the frame, but when she did it really made her smile. I wasn’t keen on hearing my cringy voice on repeat saying “hello Darcey, Mummy loves you” but Darcey seemed to like it. Its well made and has a rubber edge great for a dribbley chewing session!

It would be a lovely gift from grandparents or family who live far away. Or if you were fostering or adopting a child it would be a great gift so help them to familiarise themselves with your face and voice. If giving as a gift sort the photos out before otherwise it might never get used.

Entertainment value: 

Star Rating: 3* Darcey liked it but it didn’t keep her occupied for long. Perhaps if I wasn’t there she would be more keen to use it to find our pictures etc

Built to Last: 

Star Rating:5 *Went through the chew test and survived! Seem well made and safe

Value for money: 

Star rating:3* As a gift for the right baby its worth it. But it quite expensive for what it is.

Educational Rating:

Star Rating:4* Nice to familiarise a baby with the important people who aren’t always around.

What you like about it?

It’s a really sweet idea in the right circumstances. Well made and really colourful.

What could make it even better?

I think it well made, might be nice to be able to hang it up on the cot or play pen.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?


A lovely idea for certain families, and maybe when learning to talk you could change the picture to objects which would extend the life of the toy.

Take It From Mummy has received no payment for this review and all opinions are wholly our reviewer Gemma’s own.

Here is a picture of beautiful Darcy enjoying the See Me Hear Me Photo Album in the park with her Nanny!

See Me Hear Me Photo Album Review

You can buy the See Me, Hear Me, Photo Album on the Tomy Website here 


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