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We were delighted to have been contacted by Beaba to give one of our Mums the opportunity to review their Babycook Solo.

The Babycook Solo cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats, and allows you to preserve the vitamins that are so essential to baby’s growth because it steam cooks them!

Brief Details about the Babycook solo:

4 functions: steams, blends, defrost and re-heats
Large capacity: 1100ml (with mls measurements marks)
Fast: Cooks nutritious and delicious meals in less than 15 minutes
One handed open and close thanks to the Easy clip system
Preserves the vitamins and minerals within food
Auto shut off function
Audio signal indicates cooking is complete
Backlit screen
Descaling indicator
Removable cable for easy storage
Comes complete with a recipe booklet created by a baby nutritionist for babies aged 6 to 24 months, cooking basket, spatula and mixing lid/smoothie filter.

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Our Review is in!

Your Name: Georgie Saunders

Age of child trialing the product : 5 months

Duration of trial: 1 month

This product came up to review at just the right time.  I had just started weaning that night and made a right mess of the kitchen, much to my husband’s dismay.  It didn’t help that our steamer broke that night as well! 

I was very excited when I collected the product and have not been disappointed.  It is extremely easy to use.  The main jug has 3 level markers, you add water up to the desired level eg if steaming apples – level 2, carrots – level 3.  You then poor this into the main unit and the food in the steamer basket press the button and off you go! The unit automatically does the timing for you depending on amount of water added.  When finished it will beep then, using the spatula provided the basket is taken out, remove water at the bottom of the jug (or use within the puree) place food back in jug and then blend.  It was at this part where I went terribly wrong and thought I had broken the unit! You are provided with a little lid to put on the jug when blending, so I put it on and then turned the button and nothing was happening!  I hadn’t realized you still needed to put down the main lid as well and lock it into place before it would blend.  Once I had realized my mistake all was good and I am now becoming an expert at pureeing!

From a complete girlie perspective the product itself looks great.  All the parts are attached to the unit which keeps it neat and tidy and it is just in my colours, green and purple 🙂

Built to Last:

Star Rating: 5 stars –  I think it is a well-built product that will last well.

Value for money:

Star rating: 4 stars

Easy to use:

Star Rating: 4 stars – After a my few teething problems I discovered it is really easy to use.

What you like about it? It looks great in the kitchen and is easy to use

What you don’t like about it? Nothing for me this machine is perfect.

What could make it even better? When not in use it would be even better if there was a space for non- attached lid to fit as everything else is part of or attached to the machine.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely

Would you buy this product? It would be out of my budget range now, however if I wasn’t on maternity yes I would.

My final word: A great product making life a lot easier!

Take It From Mummy would like to thank Georgie for her fabulous review of the Beaba Baby Cook Solo and for her wonderful donation to our charity for keeping the product.

We would also like to thank Beaba for kindly supplying this product for review to help raise money for Warwick Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit. You can see all their wonderful products on their lovely website here.

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