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Having a baby for the first time is one of the most exciting, daunting, happy, worrying, strange, natural and all round roller coaster experiences you can have. It never ceases to amaze how much advice you get offered by everyone you know … And often by many that you don’t!  This book takes a light hearted look at some of the things people neglect to mention, the sort of thing that had you known in hindsight, would have made things easier…

Take It From Mummy’s Review:

So, we made ourselves a nice cuppa and sat down to read 20 Things They Never Tell You About Having A Baby, by DC Hughes.

As most Mums will agree, it’s kind of rare to be able to say you’ve read a book from cover to cover in one day, lets face it, it doesn’t really happen until at least bedtime! So it’s true to say I felt a certain sense of achievement on having completed this book during a nap time on a Thursday! Happy Me!

Anyway, about the book! I have read lots of these lists, and they’re often all about the sleepless nights and the lack of social life. I was so pleased to discover that among the 20 Things were many positive things about having a little one, the one that touched me the most;

Number 5.. ‘They can be your best friend’

“By pretty much any measure you use they can be great friends, they make you laugh, they listen, they look out for you, they find your keys, they even remind you about the shopping list you left on the kitchen table.”

We thought this book might be a list with some witty anecdotes about our cheeky little monkeys, which would have been great anyway! However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Among some wonderful observations there is also some fantastic advice for parents, we love the wise words about buying two of your little one’s favorite comforter and making noise while they sleep.  Great advice for any expectant parents who could benefit from the words of a Mother who’s been there!!

Full of lovely little amusing illustrated quotes and sweet words this book is an easy read that makes you feel, excited, enlightened and very lucky to be facing the trials and tribulations of parenthood, however hard it may be! With the added bonus of not being a novel so can realistically be read at nap time with a cuppa. We also think it would make a lovely gift to a new or expecting parent, one that would certainly be passed around a baby shower or two!

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