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Have you seen the NEW series on Cbeebies?  Bing! Bing explores and celebrates all the drama of preschool life. Young children tend to feel intense joy, disappointment, rage or delight over even the smallest things – and this series authentically dramatises these experiences, and the everyday lives of toddlers and adults together.

Bing has a new book just in time for Fathers Day and I have a feeling most parents are re-living the experience in this story at this very moment!


Bing, Something For Daddy, by Ted Dewan has just been published by Harper Collins and is a lovely tale of a Bunny who wants to make something nice for his Daddy. This something nice includes EVERYTHING a normal toddler will want to use, sparkles, feathers and lots of GOO!!

Whatever happens, it’s just a Bing thing, a normal occurrence, and nothing to get upset about.

This book is aimed at pre-schoolers and I would recommend for two years, possibly up to three years old maximum as the wording will seem a little too young for slightly older children.

I’m sure Bing will be a big hit with the Cbeebies audience 🙂 We loved this book & look forward to seeing more of the Bing books x

Bing: Something For Daddy is available Here On Amazon

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