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Some Mums Do Lockdown – by Nikki Francis 

Some Mums do lockdown with highlighters and plans, 1 hour later the kids are on iPads 📱


Some Mums can’t do lockdown, they have no choice, let’s be thankful to them and give them a voice 👩🏻‍⚕️🏨🛒👏🏼 


Some Mums are pregnant 🤰 wondering just what lies ahead, most of their fears remain but unsaid


Some Mums need to rely on food banks, it’s ok to need help, please accept it with thanks 🍱


Mums of children with special needs we do understand, we are all here with you, shout if you need a hand 🖐 


Some Mums on lockdown just don’t have a clue, support these mums, they’re struggling as much as you 🤯


Some Mums are working from home and doing the juggle, I hear you working mums, we all know the struggle 🤹🏻


Some Mums in lockdown have lost someone they hold dear, we remember them and promise you that we are all here 😘


Some Mums on lockdown do Zoom with their friends, don’t feel you have to keep up with all of those trends 👩🏼‍💻👩🏽‍💻


Some Mums on lockdown struggle with their own mental health, it has no boundaries, your mind doesn’t care about wealth 😢


Some Mums post photos to try to remember, maybe they’re feeling the pressure or stressed about September 📷 


Some Mums had gin every once in a while, maybe they just needed a reason to smile? 🍷 😀 


Some Mums in lockdown are living in hell, have you asked lately if their partner is treating them well? ⁉️


Remember #bekind? It’s not far away…


All mums are in lockdown right now… 

Yes, today….. 

Look back on your lockdown, no regrets, don’t dismay, as Frankie said ‘Relax’ and ‘I did it My Way’ 🎶 

Nikki –



Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my words x

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