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There’s something a little bit scary about putting yourself out there to meet other people, especially on your own. It’s one of the reason’s our group has been so successful, because there’s no expectations, you can freely chat to people from behind your screen, get advice and support and have a giggle. Sometimes though, we need to work on ourselves, step outside our comfort zone and get out there, easier said than done sometimes, I know. 

When I went to my first ever playgroup with my newborn I felt overwhelmed and segregated. I wasn’t from the area, I didn’t know anyone and people had already formed groups and friendships. I’ll never forget leaving that children’s centre feeling the way I did. I was angry and upset and I remembered thinking as long as I went anywhere with my baby I’d try to make sure I included others, even if it was just to say hi or give them a smile. I didn’t know what I was doing either, but I figured that was ok, and everyone was in the same boat weren’t they? A little way along the line I managed to find a friendly baby class and eventually ended up teaching them myself! I loved watching strangers become friends and bonding over common ground.

Being a Mum is a strange thing, on the one hand you’re excited, at first on an emotional high and feeling proud of everything you’ve achieved but once the visitors, cards and well wishers have gone and life for everyone else returns to ‘normal’, motherhood can become lonely, sleep deprivation kicks in and so does self doubt.

I have often been asked to organise a get-together but work usually prevents me from doing that in the week. This week I had a day off… so I did it! I organised a coffee morning, for no reason what-so-ever, just to get mums in the same room, meeting face to face.

We talk daily in our group but sometimes I think virtual needs to become reality. 

I won’t lie, I didn’t sleep a wink last night worrying if people would actually come or if small people would be poorly or that anxiety might become a barrier, it’s such a big thing going into a room full of strangers. But do you know what? Despite hang-ups, worries and self doubt, so many Mums came today. We moved tables together, some in a circle and we chatted. Not only that… we drank hot drinks and ate cake! If you didn’t make it today for whatever reason, don’t let that stop you. We will do it again and we will be there for you when you’re ready. You CAN sit with us. 

The incredible Kelsey from Gymboree Play & Music came and sprinkled his magic and blew his bubbles over our event and helped to build on the warm atmosphere providing a focus for the small people. Gymboree didn’t charge for their time and instead suggested a donation to charity, to which you can donate here. A very kind gesture and one that I’m really grateful for.

A huge thank you to The Second Cup who gave up the whole top floor of their gorgeous coffee shop just for us and whose staff were just so friendly and welcoming even running drinks and cakes up to us as well when mums were overloaded with buggies and bags and little hands. It was so appreciated. We will be back! (If you’ll have us?!) 😉

Mostly I’d like to thank the Mums who came without a clue what to expect and chatted to strangers and probably pushed their own boundaries, I hope you and your small people enjoyed yourselves and now you’ve done it, you’d feel better doing it again. Mums Supporting Mums, arm in arm.

If you would like to donate to our charity page which is supporting The Birth & Babies Appeal for the new Midwife led unit at Warwick hospital please do so here, our page has almost reached 1k and to reach that milestone would be amazing!

Here’s some more photos from the day, thanks to everyone who made it a day to remember and to my lovely friend Lucy for being by my side, moving tables and just being the incredible person she is xx

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