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The Doodle Dance Show Review – Warwick Arts Centre

This month we’ve been working alongside Warwick Arts Centre visiting lots of their wonderful theatre and interactive shows. We sent three different families to review the latest offerings and here’s what our Mum, Alice and her family thought of The Doodle Dance Show

Grab a pen and kick off your shoes for this playful, interactive story-show that will get the whole family drawing and moving, doodling and imagining together.

My son Alexander and I invited his friend Evie and her mum Lisa to see The Doodle Dance show. On arrival to the Warwick Arts Centre, we collected our tickets and were warmly shown through to the Helen Martin Studio.

Alexander and Evie were so excited after we were told to take our shoes and socks off and put our belongings to one side outside the studio.

We were then led into the studio to be met with the largest pieces of paper stuck together on the floor. This massive square of white was surrounded by little cushions and we all assumed our seated position.

We sat on our cushions, with an air of excitement surrounding us. I just happened to notice that two people in winter hats arrive into the studio doors to the right of us. They were talking in another language which sounded a bit Norwegian. We were all captivated from their entrance with their animated chit chat. We had no idea what they were saying but none the less we all felt their joy and fun filled conversation!

Soon we were invited to join their story of two young friends who have spent their young lives together. They live in the mountains and are forbidden to play near the iced lake nearby due to its danger. The children ignore their parents wishes and go off to the lake to play. The young girl walks onto the frozen lake for it to crack! Next to be taken out to sea and to be assumed lost forever…

What the little boy and the rest of the village don’t know, is that the girl is actually on an adventure.

We are asked to help create the story with our drawings and body movement. I’m no artist but I am encouraged by my sons imagination and we easily get carried away!

Throughout the lost girls adventure we are truly involved. We are up dancing with each other, and with the rest of the audience.  I have no rhythm and suddenly that doesn’t matter! We were having so much fun that a few extra skips and hops and slides here and there and it was hilarious.

At the end of the story, we are told the snow has started to fall onto the village. And out comes the fake snow! My gosh it’s brilliant! The children and adults had so much fun with this, I’m sure we would have stayed much longer to play if they had let us.

We loved the show from the beginning to the end. I won’t spoil what happens to the little lost girl as you will have to find out yourself by going to see this captivating duo.

The show was impeccably designed to make sure adults and children were all able to get involved no matter what talent you have.

Afterwards, the four of us went for coffee and cake in the Cafe. The cakes are beautiful and the coffee was hot (always a good sign!). The children are energised and it’s hard to contain their excitement!

The Warwick Arts centre is well looked after and very clean. We don’t go very often but I’m never disappointed when we are there.

We had so much fun together. We can’t wait for the next instalment of this creative and truly brilliant and engaging production!

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