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Our little boy’s nursery are celebrating World Book Day. I made the mistake of asking him what his favourite book was and what he wanted to dress up as. Cue panic.. his reply “My favourite is ‘The Diggers Are Coming’, Mummy. So I’ll just be a digger”.

“I’ll just be a digger” he says. Right then.

So I thought. I can totally do this. I got the paint box out, grabbed a cardboard box from our local Homebase store and began to ruin my dining table cloth by letting Isaac loose with the yellow paint which says it’s washable. It’s not, ELC!

I secured the sides of the box with duct tape by folding the top and bottoms inside. Then I covered the sides of the box with paper, the box had writing on and I knew it would show through the yellow paint.

While that was drying I cut a long rectangular piece of cardboard for the arm (is that what they call it?) of the Digger which Isaac also painted yellow.

Next I made the scoop from one rectangular piece of cardboard and two large semi circle pieces for the sides of the scoop. Again I secured these with duct tape and then painted this black.

When all the yellow paint was dry I painted on the tracks on the sides and made Isaac’s number plate on a piece of card which I painted and also made JCB signs for the back and front.

img_3068.jpg img_3071.jpg

I got a roll of ribbon left over from Christmas and stood Isaac inside the box and measured two equal pieces. I used a screwdriver to make two holes either side in the front and one at the back as I discovered it was too wide for him unless the ribbons met at a point in the back.

For the final touch we grabbed his construction outfit, high vis jacket and hat and I made him a little name badge from card and a safety pin.

Bobs your Uncle! One very happy boy and one world book day costume.

Please note I am not naturally crafty, you can so do this! 💜

Please see my World Book Day Blog Here for more inspiration.

Some more pictures and a shopping list below x

Digger Costume Shopping List

  • Minimum two (preferably three) cardboard boxes, one the right size for your child and one to cut up to make the arm and scoop.
  • Card for signs and name badge
  • Paper to cover the sides of the box
  • Black and Yellow Paint
  • Tip Ex (I used the sponge ended tip ex) to make the white marks on the tracks and wheels
  • Ribbon
  • High Vis jacket and builders hard hat. Check out this cheaper one on Amazon

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