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Mama Meet Up – Warwickshire with Love For The Mama & The Kids

 Mama Meetup, Leamington Spa

Friday 17th March, 10am-12pm 

Squab Hall, Harbury Lane, Bishops Tachbrook, Leamington Spa

So, I’m sat on my sofa in my pjs in floods of tears next to my husband who thinks I’ve lost the plot. You know those moments in life that just stop you in your tracks? I’ve just had one of those.

So rewind to last night, I got a call from my lovely friend Lucy who told me about an exciting opportunity to talk to other Mummies about what I do / have been doing for the last (almost) four years. I kind of took it in my stride and was excited about being considered and nervous about talking in front of other people but when it was suggested that some of the money from tickets could go to my charity I was IN!

Fast forward to why I’m now sat crying .. happy tears. I got the link to the Mama Meet Up and had a quick read, then I scrolled down a bit and read the write up about me. Cue the blubbing. Seeing what I do written down made me realise that all my hard work has actually made a difference to other Mums. For those of you who know  Mum Knows Best Warwickshire, (my third baby as I like to call it) you’ll know that I created the group in a moment of despair when my four month old baby was suffering with tongue tie, silent reflux and CMPI. I literally sat on the end of my bed with the baby in my arms and I thought “I can’t be alone in feeling like this”. I knew nothing about CMPI and I thought there just must be someone else who is going through this too.

The rest, as they say is history but I can’t put in to words just how proud I am of the community we have created locally. Our Mums support one another day and night, I know they realise the difference they make to one another because there’s no way to describe the feeling you get when you post a question and you wait for an answer, then the next time you look you’ve got three or four, (usually more) Mums helping you out or even just saying a kind word. It’s relief, it’s love and it’s empowerment, because you know you’re not alone, even if you thought you were. This is what happens when women, Mums, come together to support each other. Shall I tell you what else happens? A HECK of a lot of money raised for charity too. £4,357.60 for our Special Care Baby Unit, over £2000.00 to buy special chairs for the maternity ward and over £1000 for Meningitis Now. Just Sayin’, We Rock.

So, I did warn you I was feeling emotional, thanks for reading my hormonal babble! But honestly I’m feeling pretty proud of us right now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying Take It From Mummy and supporting our working Mums who advertise their businesses here too. It was always meant to be a place for Mums to turn to. (If I won the lottery I would actually have a bricks and mortar place for that but this website is the closest thing at the moment!)

Mama MeetUp Leamington

So anyway, back to the Mama MeetUp! I see these happening all over the country, mainly organised through Instagram and I always wish there was one nearby. I never dreamed I’d actually be on the panel at one. I think the only panel i’ve been on ever is the judging panel at one of Olivia’s pretend dance competitions! I am so passionate about bringing women together to support one another and build new friendships. So this is literally my dream day lol.

The wonderful Love For The Mama & Brand The Kids who are organising this have offered to donate some of the proceeds from tickets of the Mama Meetup to my chair appeal for Warwick Hospital’s Maternity Ward, so if you would like to come and see the Incredible Mother Pukka talk all about her Flex Appeal,  my wonderful friend Lucy aka Tate and Fable (aka talented, kind and hard working lovely human), The ace Mama Tribe, and me. (eeek) then you can grab your tickets on the link below!

The Mama Meetup is on Friday 17th March, 10am-12pm at Squab Hall, Harbury Lane, Bishops Tachbrook, Leamington Spa

Not only will there be a Goody Bag for all mamas to take home with them, there will be free tea and cake of course!!! A chance to chat to guest speaking mamas and each other. Children are welcome too.

50% of tickets sales will go to the neonatal unit charity Bliss and raising funds for two more beds for the maternity ward in Warwick.

Sorry again for the blubbing and gushing! GIRL POWER THOUGH. Ps.. Mother Pukka!! OMG

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