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The Sensational Stomp has arrived at Warwick Arts Centre and we were there on the incredible opening night! 

Stomp is one of those shows I always mean to go and see and have never quite got round to it. When I saw the flyers at Warwick Arts Centre my daughter (7)  commented she had seen some clips on youtube and was so excited to see it was coming to our home town! She’s a lover of all things dance and music so Stomp is a dream for her!

Stomp at Warwick Arts Centre

Show programmes a reasonable £3.50

Our showing was at 7.30pm and we discovered there was no interval, the show is an hour and 40 minutes long, I wondered if she would last that long without a break but I needn’t have worried, wild horses wouldn’t have taken her away from her seat during the performance!

It’s easy to see why STOMP has been touring the world for 24 years now. The captivating performers are insanely talented with skills that astounded me! Using every day items from matchboxes, brooms and bins to shopping trolleys and metal lighters these artists are masters of music and rhythm.

The show was fast paced and fun with a huge dollop of humour which made the show flow beautifully and made us laugh out loud. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere of STOMP as theres nothing I can liken it to, it’s similar to nothing I’ve seen before. A truly original idea which left me in absolute awe of the rhythm and stamina of the eight performers who were one stage for the whole show.

One of our favourite parts was when all the performers took to the huge set on pulleys and support systems to play the ginormous drums and other instruments on the set itself with brightly coloured lights and a sound rivalled by no other. Our whole bodies felt the rhythm of the drums! Truly spectacular!!

Stomp at warwick arts centre

Stomp Set at Warwick Arts Centre

Stomp is on stage at Warwick Arts Centre until Saturday 4th Feb and there are just a few tickets remaining. Parking is easy (and free after 6pm) and there’s a bar and food available. I would recommend you go to the toilet before it starts, because once it does, you really wouldn’t want to leave. Stomp is recommended for age 6+ which I think is a fair recommendation considering the length of performance and loud nature!

If you’re going, I’m jealous! I want to go again! I’m now off to play my saucepan with a wooden spoon….

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