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What to put in your Christmas Eve Box


Every year there seems to be a new tradition, long gone are the days when we left a carrot out for Rudolph and a mince pie and some milk for Father Christmas and that was your lot!

In 2017, you can:

Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with Santa himself and visit him in a snazzy grotto.

You may also have a visit from The Elf on The Shelf from the 1st December right through to the 24th.

Gone are the days of a pretty picture behind a door, for just £20 English pounds you could have an advent calendar full of lego or for the grown ups maybe beauty favourites or even candles! Read our blog & thoughts on these here

Your plate for Santa can be personalised and the reindeer even have snazzy glittery food!

The list of new traditions grows every year, not that I’m complaining, as a fan of Christmas over here I’m loving all the new exciting things that light up our little one’s eyes, though I do think any more such additions could possibly tip the balance from cute to bonkers but hey, none of it is compulsory is it? Or is it? Theres a question to create debate. Perhaps for another time, possibly a time when I have had wine and am feeling a little braver haha!!

So back to the point of this whole blog, which has become a little long-winded, sorry!

What to put in your Christmas Eve box:

A new tradition which I really do love! The list below is extensive, I am not suggesting you ram your box full of all these items! My list is loosely based on the idea that it will encourage the smalls to have an early bath and put on new pj’s ready for a calm family movie night. This may or may not work…anywho..

    • New Pj’s
    • New Slippers
    • Christmas Movie (I’ll confess I usually hide last years one away straight after Christmas and bring it back out)
    • Popcorn
    • Christmas Mug – or buy plain white ones and some ceramic pens and get everyone to decorate their own
    • Hot chocolate sachet with mini marshmallows
    • Reindeer Food (small organza bag-(if you’re feeling posh)- some porridge oats mixed with glitter)
    • Chocolate santa or some sweeties
    • Santa’s Magic key – can be bought or tie a red ribbon round a large old key – Bobs your uncle
    • Personalised Santa plate, we love this one from John Lewis, which is only £6, with templates for carrot, mince pie and drink


So there we are. As for the box itself, I bought a couple of large Christmas gift boxes from The Card Factory a few years ago which work perfectly fine. You can now buy gorgeous wooden personalised ones too which are so sweet like these ones from Not On The High Street

christmas eve boxSanta platereindeer hot chocolate conesSanta's Magic Keydecorate a christmas mugreindeer food

Above are some pictures of other ideas which I have completely pinched from pinterest and are not my ideas what so ever.

What do you guys put into your Christmas Eve boxes? Or do you think they’re a step too far? I’d love to hear what you all think, leave your comments below or join in the chat on our social channels.


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