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DiscoverooWindmillStackerooImageHere is Jo’s review of this beautiful Windmill Stacker 

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Windmill Stackeroo by Discoveroo

Your Name:  Jo

Age of child trialling the product :  18 months

Duration of trial :  2 weeks

I was delighted to receive the Windmill Stackeroo to review and knew as soon as I saw it that my daughter would love playing with it!  It comes well-packaged in a box with a ‘window’ so you are able to see the actual toy before you take it out and is beautifully made from plantation wood and painted in lovely bright colours.

My daughter was immediately drawn to the toy and she couldn’t wait to take all the pieces off and start putting them back on again! The parts are all nice and chunky with smooth edges and perfect for little hands to grasp so she is able to easily manoeuvre them around.

There are 7 pieces to stack, 6 different coloured circles and a spinner to resemble a windmill to go on top. My daughter loves the spinning piece and gets very excited when she places this final one on top and will sit there for a long time just spinning it around and around with great satisfaction!

A feature that I really love about this toy is that the wooden stick is attached to the base by an elastic-type cord. This is a great safety feature as the stick moves very easily from side-to-side if knocked. It does mean that sometimes my daughter struggles to get the first piece on if not at the right angle but she always gets there in the end and it does not affect her enjoyment of playing with at all!

Another great feature is that each of the circular pieces has two holes – one running though the centre and another offset to the side. This means that there are different ways that the windmill can be built rather than just a straight tower. My daughter has mainly been concentrating on lining up the central holes but is just starting to explore different ways of stacking the pieces using the other holes. I love that this toy gives her the scope to be creative and use her imagination.

Entertainment value:

Star Rating:  5

The bright colours make this toy very attractive and my daughter chooses to play with it numerous times a day. The different options for stacking and spinning hold her attention for up to ½ hour at a time and she always goes back to it!

Built to Last:

Star Rating:  4

My daughter loves to bang the pieces together, put them in her mouth and has dropped and rolled them on the floor many times. I am impressed with the durability of this product as the wood and paint are still in great condition after two weeks of play with no noticeable dents or chips.

Value for money:

Star rating:  4

I would definitely buy this product as it is very well made and has the different options for stacking and play which means that it is likely to hold the interest of my daughter for many months to come.

Educational Rating:

Star Rating:  5

As well as colours and sizes this toy also introduces motion with the spinning top and allows for more creative play with the two holes providing different options for building the windmill.

Overall, this is a fantastic toy with some unique features that really set it apart from the traditional stacking ring toys. My daughter loves it and I love the fact that it allows her to be more creative when playing. We really enjoyed reviewing this product and would definitely recommend it for other children.

Jo has kindly donated £10 to our justgiving page for the Windmill Stackeroo! Thank you so much Jo!!

Thanks also to for letting us trial this gorgeous product, see the rest of their lovely bits here










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