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Our Mum of two Jennifer reviews Moo Goo’s Nappy Balm



Age of child trialing the product: 6/7 months

Duration of trial : 2 weeks

I’ve tried most bottom creams, & am a fan of bepanthen and Metanium for sore little botties, but I’ve not found an everyday cream I feel comfortable slapping on chubby bottom cheeks really.

This is lovely, really light and not greasy at all. Smells nice too. Feels a bit like very lightweight sudocrem that’s been whipped to be light.  Feels lovely to apply to the skin.




Value for money: not cheap but worth it.

Star rating: 5

Comments: an excellent chemical free everyday nappy cream.

Easy to use: Very

Star Rating 5

What you like about it?

Ease of use, application and chemical free.

What you don’t like about it


What could make it even better?

Maybe in a tube?

Would you recommend this product to a friend?  


Would you buy this product for yourself?

Considering it.

Jennifer adds: If you are concerned about chemicals on your baby’s bottom and skin, this stuff works, and is gentle. 

What Moo Goo say…

As all parents know, babies often get red and irritated skin around the nappy area. This can be caused by either a reaction to urea, or by yeast. The introduction of a barrier cream combined with an anti yeast ingredient is the best way to prevent this. In addition, it would help if the ingredients not only agreed with our skin but our insides too. We all know how much babies enjoy eating anything within arm’s reach. So we made MooGoo Nappy Balm.


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