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Every year I’m exactly the same, the slightest hint of sunshine and I’m already thinking about the garden! You will probably have already spotted my post on builder’s trays and all the fun that they bring. This year, as every other, I decide i’m going to be a carpenter and create some amazingness out of pallets. The only slight problem being that I have no pallets, or saws … or carpentry knowledge or skills! Haha! This year I AM DETERMINED I am going to make something useful out of re-cycled wood.

pinterest pallet projects

Of I head to Pinterest, the place of all wannabe DIY lovers and project makers alike.     (if you’re into pinterest you can see all my pins here)

So, I put a shout out on my facebook page for unwanted pallets and found a lovely friend who had pallets a-plenty! Sorted! I picked up 4, this was not enough! It was a great start though.

Pallet Herb Garden

So off we set on the first of my two projects, a herb garden!

I turned the pallet around so that the pots will fit in the bars along the back. Me and the small people headed off to Homebase to buy some plants and pots that would fit down the slats.

We chose tomato plants, rosemary, lemon thyme, mint and parsley. I’m hoping the slats in the pallets will help guide the tomato plants as they grow tall and I can tuck them behind each one to keep them upright.

pallet project herb garden

I bought some zinc pots to put the plants in to catch the light, they were only £1.50 and I love the way the fit perfectly.

The children helped me to empty the pots and add some more soil and then water the plants. I have also set up another pallet next to this one which will house their watering cans and other planting bits like their trowels etc. I love that the children are getting involved in this project and we can do things together.

At the moment this is exactly how it looks, i do plan to buy some chalk board paint and a white paint pen so I can write on the pallet wood which plant is which but I want to see if they work where they are first.



So, i have now added some solar lights and a little bit of bunting to the herb garden and there is exciting talk of branding words on to it! EXCITED


Pallet Garden Seating 

My second project is a furniture one! I have a corner which needs attending, only pallets have the answer!

DIY Pallet Projects IMG_4698

First I began with six pallets, one across the back and two in the front, I left it like this for a couple of days but decided we needed more so added another three to create more of a corner sofa effect


 Much better! 

The pallets need sanding down and then I am going to stain them, I was going to paint them but I have now added so many pallets i fear it may take 45 years to paint (and prime) every single one! I think/hope staining them will be easier and cheaper.

I have popped on some cosy rugs and pillows which I found in my favourite shop Tiger! I have also decided to get three more to make the ‘corner’ a bit more corner-ish haha! I will post when i have done that!

DIY Pallet Furniture IMG_4819

I was toying with the idea of getting foam cut and making my own cushions for them but then I went to Amazon and discovered that you can just buy them, and they’re not too expensive really and they’re water resistant. I figure I haven’t really spent any money on the furniture so I don’t mind buying something lol!

Here’s the link to the ones I bought which should arrive this week:
Stone Water Resistant Foam Seat Pad for Pallet Furniture Outdoor Seating

I’ll update again soon while I carry on building on my Pallet Projects.

Pallet Wood Shelf

The next project I have to confess I drafted in the better half, I am determined I will make one for myself though but for now, I told him what I was after and tada! A gorgeous shelf!

bakers braid

The shelf is made from two half planks of pallet wood and some bakers braid which I bought from our gorgeous local shop Berylune, I always try to shop local if I can and oh do I LOVE to shop in this local store – Here’s the link to the bakers braid, I think I may have to get another colour too!

Pallet Wood Triangle Shelf

I love how it’s turned out 🙂 All i need are some more lovely things to go on it now.

Our next project is a pallet wood planter… all will be revealed soon. 

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