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Tomy Octopals Bath Toy, Reviewed by Nikki TomyOctopals

If your bathroom is anything like mine, you will have more toys than room to swim! We have everything from empty shampoo bottles to Barbie dolls. Many of our ‘squirty’ bath toys have been banished due to mould growing instantaneously and the difficult and time consuming chore of emptying the water at the end of bath time! I am therefore sceptical of any ‘squirty’ bath toy for those reasons.

I have to say, I take it all back, this toy has changed my mind. The ‘squirty’ bits were a huge hit with my teething little one who found he could chew them and they empty of water impressively quickly which makes me a happy Mummy!

The blurb:

Octopals consists of a mother Octopus with a baby octopus sat on the end of each of her eight tentacles. The head of the mother octopus separates and becomes a fun pouring cup, which can also be used as a showerhead for bath time fun. The baby octopuses each come away from the mother and can be used as fun bath squirters. The little babies can also stick to the side of the bath or on wall tiles, which can lead to lots of bath time fun and games.

Each baby octopus also has a number on its back which corresponds with numbers on the mothers tentacles – so there can also be some playful developmental play too, as the child matches the correct baby to the right number.


BUILT TO LAST – 5 STARS – I can see this being a lasting favourite

VALUE FOR MONEY – 5 STARS – We think the sale price is reasonable for such a rounded product

EDUCATIONAL VALUE – 4 STARS – I like that the octopals have corresponding numbers to the base so my older daughter enjoyed matching them up as much as the baby did playing with them!

Overall 5 STAR RATING!

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