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In need of some rainy day inspiration, here are 10 great ideas that you can do right now!

Here are our top 10 things to do on a rainy day with children.

Rainy Day Activities With Kids

1. Bake some cakes – find a simple cake recipe and get messy in the kitchen!


2. Make your own play doughsee our recipe here, you can add all sorts to the play dough including colouring and glitter!
3. Play Shops!  Get all the tins out the cupboard and make your own pretend shop! Grab some bags, make some pretend money, you’ll be busy for hours!
4. Have a bath! – Why not get some random items like a tea pot and cups or the medicine syringe


and have some water play in the bath!
5. Build a marble run – For slightly older children, if you have a marble run you can waste away at least an hour!
6. Make a den! – Grab some old bed sheets and some chairs & voilà! Why not have a teddy bears picnic in the den for lunch? Or build the den in front of the TV and have a movie afternoon with microwave popcorn!
7. Paint – Put an old cloth on the table or floor, grab some paints and let the children get creative
Kids crayon drawing of a family

8. Make a holiday book – For slightly older children on half term, grab some paper, pencils and pens and get them to write all about your adventures on half term.. With pictures of course!

9. Make new crayons! – You know you have about 50 million crayons in your house? Even if you think you don’t.. you do! They’re the ones you get free in party bags or in a restaurant and you think.. i’ll keep those for a rainy day. You can use these to make super exciting shapes in the oven using a silicone mould! See our guide to making these coming soon! – Simply break up all your crayons put them in the silicone mould, put them in the oven, leave them to cool & let the children create new pictures with their epic creations! We love these moulds from Amazon, just over £2.50 (click on the image to link)

10. Swap round all your books! – Make a library and remind the children of some of the lovely books they have that they might have forgotten about! You could even make library cards and bring shopping bags to carry them in. Then get all your cushions off the sofa and on to the floor (the kids love this bit) and read together!

childrens library

We hope you liked our ideas on this list! As always we love to hear your ideas, if there’s something you and your children love to do on a rainy day indoors please drop us a line and send us your pictures and we will feature a Mum’s blog with all your ideas on for Mummies struggling for inspiration everywhere!

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Rainy Day Activities With Kids

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