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TTBigAdventure-fairyTake It From Mummy recently visited The Baby Show at the NEC where we had the pleasure of visiting the many brands and new products that were exhibiting at the show.

Among these were the brand leaders Tommee Tippee. Tommee Tippee were there showing off their wares which of course included the innovative and life-changing (well, if you’re a Mummy anyway) product The Perfect Prep Machine. Alongside their main stand, Tommee Tippee had transformed their stall into a space rocket themed world which was completely designed for the children! They had a play tent with every dress-up item you can imagine on a rail, Happy Land rockets and space buggies, a mark-making area and they were working alongside Arla Big Milk re-hydrating our little ones with fortified milk.

The reason for the adventure style stand is because Tommee Tippee have had a big brand re-vamp and alongside their new range they have re-designed their much loved cups. Working alongside fellow Mums Tommee Tippee have listened to new ideas and possible improvements and created an even better range of cups for each developmental stage from 4 months to 3 years of age. The new cups are themed around the big adventures our little ones have daily! #ttbigadventure

So what’s changed? The valve! Remember the see though valve which easily got lost in the washing up bowl? – This has now been revamped into a new one piece valve making cleaning (and finding!) easier. The valve also proves to ensure the product is leak-free!


There’s also new spouts, the introduction of straw cups and removable handles. The great thing we think about the new designs is that all lids are interchangeable, meaning that you won’t have to spend ages fishing around that cup cupboard we all have with 95 cups and separate lids! It also means you can choose different designs and jazz them all up a bit!

To celebrate the launch of Tommee Tippee’s fabulous new range we are giving three lucky winners the chance of starting their new cup-collection on us! 


For babies in the WEANING stage (6months +) we have one green unisex Baby’s 1st Straw cup with handles in the design shown here.tommee tippee straw cup 6M - weaning (product)

For babies in the TRAINING stage (7months +) we have a sippee cup with handles in the green unisex design shown below

tommee tippee sippee cup 7M - weaning (product)

Last but not least you can also chose to win a cup for little ones (12months+) from the ACTIVE range which is the style of a sports bottle in the unisex yellow bunny design shown below.


To win all you need to do is email us here with which cup you would like to win and we will pick one lucky winner on Friday 12th June 2015 – offer open to UK only.  You can also enter on our Facebook page here. All entries will be grouped together for each cup & one lucky winner for each cup will be picked using a randomiser.

We have been using their bee design sippee cup with our two year old who is always on the go!

beecupThis cup is the biggest sippee cup with a 260ml capacity & is the perfect choice for our little footballer! It’s designed to keep drinks cool, with the insulated design. And with a soft spout for new teeth, easy­-grip sides, and the trusty non­-spill valve it’s perfect for him!

Here is our little dude enjoying his Tommee Tippee cup 🙂   A huge thumbs up from us and him!#ttbigadventure



The Winner of the 6m+ Weaning Cup is:tommee tippee straw cup 6M - weaning (product)





The Winner of the 7m+ Training Sippee Cup is:

SUZIE JB (Email Entry) tommee tippee sippee cup 7M - weaning (product)






The Winner of the Active Sports Cup 12m+ is 

SARAH MORRIStommee-tippee-sports-bottle-12M-active-product







Send us an email so we can arrange to post your cup and if you entered via email you will already have been notified that you’re a winner!


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