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John Deere Harvest Time Play Set Review

If you have a little one who is a tractor spotter this playset is for you!

You know what I mean… The child who sits in the back of the car shouting TRACTOR at any given opportunity! So much so that you’ll be driving along having dropped off your little one, you’re alone, and yet you’re still listening to The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and pointing out random vehicles on your way to work!! “Look! Bus! Tractor, Lorry”! If this is you, (and yes, it’s me too), I recon this playset is certain to be as big a hit in your house as it is in mine!

What’s in the box?

John Deere Playset In Box johndeerePlayset

  • A Perfectly sized Combine Harvester
  • Detachable Trailer
  • Three farm animals
  • Two options to fill trailer, a box of tomatoes and a bail of hay
  • Driver figure
  • Fencing

What we like about the John Deer 1st Farming Playset:

It’s perfectly sized, by this I mean, it’s big enough to be robust and realistic without taking up a whole toy box!

It has moving parts, and not just the wheels! The rota blades rotate when the combine is pushed & the straw in the back of the vehicle moves realistically side to side while in motion.

The trailer is detachable which encourages hand-eye co-ordination and the trailer doesn’t simply lift off, you have to slide it across, this means that it doesn’t come off as easily as some toy trailers do which proves to be really frustrating for children driving over carpet bumps!

You can buy additional fencing and toys so the playset can grow, we think this makes it a great present as you can add to your farm toys over birthdays and Christmas.

The quality reminds us of our much loved Happy Land (Mothercare small world toys) which means that the farm animals can be used with our happy land collection too!

It’s got longevity! We particularly like that the John Deere Combine Harvester is suitable from 12 months, most farm toys of this sort are limited to at least 18m+ . There’s no small parts so you can feel at ease leaving your child to play, a toy that will still be loved years later.

You can see by our pictures of the John Deere Harvest Time Play Set in action that it’s a sure fire winner!

A well built, long lasting farm vehicle which our most important tester (25 months) just adores! We love the look of the whole John Deere range of children’s toys and can’t wait to see more in the future.

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