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Trunki Toddle Pak Review

Take It From Mummy has an almost two year old little boy who like most toddlers his age feels the need to leg it from us at any given opportunity! He has grown out of our beloved Quinny Buzz and refuses to entertain being pushed in a stroller now.

We have been using some old school reins from Boots but they’re so stiff by the time I’ve got him in or out we are at tantrum stage!

I’ve looked at the backpack type ones but they just don’t appeal to me, they look chunky and just another big thing to carry round when not in use.

When Trunki contacted us to have a try of their new ToddlePak reins I had a good look on their website and picked out a fave from the designs below.



We chose the cute and very current red fox design 🙂 (The owl would just have been too obvious don’t you think?!haha)

Our ToddlePak arrived in days and was an instant hit! Our little man loved the design and wanted it on straight away! It’s super easy to fit and you can adjust chest and shoulder straps at the same time so it’s totally low faff!


We decided to take our ToddlePak on a test run to our local farm! I really love that unlike the backpack types of reins you can fasten these to your little one before you go anywhere because they’re well fitted and comfortable. For us this meant that we didn’t have the usual trouble of trying to strap our toddler in to his reins while he is running towards the animals! You can just simply clip on the leading strap to the rest of the harness when you get out the car. It also means he doesn’t have an automatic aversion to putting it on as he doesn’t associate it with any play stopping!

ToddlePak IMG_7836  IMG_7838 IMG_7842

Both my husband and I really love the simple and effective design of the ToddlePak and so does our little man!

The ToddlePak retails at £17.99 which places it just below the popular backpacks in terms of price.

Here’s our summary of what we love about the ToddlePak

  • Low Faff!
  • Cute Designs
  • Can be fitted even before leaving home
  • Fits nicely in changing bag
  • Simple Fitting
  • Grows with your child, begin with shorter training rein for when your little one is learning to walk and is a bit stumbly
  • Longer leading rein for when you don’t want them to know you’re still in control!! (Also perfect for 6 foot 5 husbands who could do with the extra strap length to stop them bending down)

Thanks to Trunki for giving us the chance to try out the ToddlePak! Huge thumbs up from us! We are sure you will love it too!

Grab yours here


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