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Trunki Made For Me Review.

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If you have read our previous blog you will already know about the exciting news that the award winning children’s travel accessory company Trunki have launched a brand new service allowing the very people who will be using their products to use their creative powers and design their very own individual Trunki!

This exciting new product from Trunki, Made For Me has launched today and Take It From Mummy was selected to road test the Made For Me service with our little people!

The whole process is incredibly simple and most importantly child-friendly. With the paint palette you can customise the colour of any part of the Trunki Suitcase, from the horns to the hubcaps and the colour changes in real-time on the screen. My daughter who is five found the design screen very easy to navigate and if there was a word she couldn’t read she found if I told her which number option it was she could press the number to select the feature she wanted to choose, from a parent’s point of view I found that this eliminated any frustration and helped build on number recognition.

Design Your Own Screen Shot

IMG_7177 IMG_7176

To begin with I must admit I was tempted to coax her into matching things like the handles and the straps, but actually I quickly realised that this was her work of art and it was made all the more perfect by the fact that it will be an individual design even if it wasn’t matching!

Olivia was so excited by having created her own suitcase she asked if she could make her little brother one too! He is 21 months old so not quite au fait with laptops yet! I thought it was a really sweet idea and of course it means that they won’t be fighting over the same one! So, off she set to work, I popped out of the room to grab a drink and when I came back she said that she’d made him a Fireman Sam Trunki which has Liverpool F.C (her Daddy’s team) colours on too! A really thoughtful idea and it looked so lovely on the screen!


We popped in our order details on the checkout area and that was that!  A very simple but effective idea and totally child friendly. Trunki’s delivery service was fabulous which I was so happy to see because the suspense of seeing the final Trunki’s was not only killing my daughter but me too!

IMG_7216Our Trunki’s arrived in the branded box and even though the children were at nursery and school  I couldn’t resist a peek, I’m so pleased I did, because I realised that the box very cleverly turns into a Trunki Kennel! How sweet!






So armed with my scissors and sellotape I created the Trunki’s individual kennels and this little surprise is what was awaiting my two when they came home that day! Our two new Trunki additions!








I think it’s safe to say that they were quite pleased!

IMG_7241 IMG_7239


Don’t pay attention to the poor quality of some of the photographs, I have discovered that trying to take a picture of scooting children on Trunki’s is much harder than it looks! 

Here is Olivia’s creation

She chose pink as her main colour and she went for yellow horns, wheels and internal straps, purple handles and a blue strap and her hubcaps and gasket were baby blue. I think it looks gorgeous and she is thrilled that it turned out exactly as it looked on the screen.

IMG_7233 IMG_7232

And here is Isaac’s ‘Fireman Sam’ creation by Olivia

Isaac’s Trunki is red, with blue horns (or fire engine lights as Olivia says) with black wheels, handles and strap. She chose yellow hubcaps and matching yellow catch and internal strap. I think it looks really smart and Issac hasn’t left it alone since he got it last week! In fact, it’s currently ‘sleeping’ in its kennel in my lounge!!

IMG_7238 IMG_7250

I think the pictures say it all! Two very happy children with their customised Trunki’s ready to travel the world!

A very effective new spin on the Trunki, putting children’s imagination at the forefront of their own designs and allowing them to have some fun and creative control, a very user friendly service perfect for our small people! Take It From Mummy is as always highly impressed with the quality of the Trunki’s themselves and the speed and quality of the service. We will be back soon, I can see the Design Your Own Vouchers going down a storm at Christmas. One thing is for sure, with one billion possible combinations they’re definitely individual! 

The future of the Trunki is bright and colourful! and we would love to see customisable text on the Made for Me designs, that would be a really sweet added touch.


Take It From has not received any payments for our review and our views are unbiased. Take It From Mummy would like to thank the lovely people at Trunki for allowing us to be among the first lucky testers. We will be auctioning our well looked after Penelope Princess Trunki for our Charity too! 

You can design your very own Trunki Here! Enjoy!

Design Your Own Trunki




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