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The Trunki. It’s basically a holiday must have nowadays…Well, the Trunki just got even more exciting!

Our daughter was given her very first Trunki by her Gran when we travelled to Cyprus for our wedding three years ago.  She was so delighted, it came with a wand and all sorts of goodies!


We used the Trunki at the time to give our daughter a bit of independence, she was just two and was finding the concept of going away a bit tricky to contemplate. However, we explained and she excitedly packed her very own Trunki with all sorts of goodies. We added a few bits for the flight and Bob’s your Uncle! Our little girl is now five and still uses it for sleepovers and generally playing with around the house.

This Summer we travelled with our 4 year old and 19 month old to Greece for another Summer wedding. We underestimated the power of a Trunki, even for a 19 month old. Stupidly we didn’t buy one for him! Disaster! One Trunki, Two Children, Bad Idea! We are proof that the Trunki is appealing to both toddlers and young children and that it really does last the test of time and hardwearing.

The timing could not have been better when Take It From Mummy were delighted to have been offered the opportunity to trial out the brand new development in Trunki land! DESIGN YOUR OWN TRUNKI! See our review here!


Yes, you heard it here first! ‘Trunki Made For Me’ means your children can now get creative and design their very own personalised luggage masterpiece! No more mix-ups at check-in, no more fighting over four wheels for us! Our little dude is getting his first set of (Trunki) wheels!

Exclusively on, our little people can hop online and create their very own personalised ride-on suitcase. With 9 different parts and 10 different colour combinations, their ‘made for me’ Trunki will be awash with a rainbow of colour that will make them the envy of passers by!


The new ‘made for me’ Trunki makes for a unique present too! If you often ponder over what you could buy for that little person, who appears to have everything – the ‘made for me’ gift card is the answer. It will make certain that your gift will be a true one-off without having to order in advance and wonder if they’ll like this colour or that as they can create it entirely to their own taste.

As with all Trunki suitcases the ‘made for me’ Trunki comes with a free five year guarantee. Take It From Mummy are particularly impressed with this! lifetime_guarantee

If you’ve never seen one before, here is all you need to know about a Trunki Suitcase:

  • They’re compatable with most hand luggage requirements meaning your little one can pack their own hand luggage, ride on it through the airport and then take it on board for more fun packed hours!
  • They have lockable side catches ensuring no mis-haps occur in transit..and ensuring little fingers don’t empty the whole thing in departures!
  • A bits pouch with elastic sides which we found ideal for pens etc
  • Two carry handles, for when you need to carry the case. The Trunki also has a carry strap which can be used for holding over the shoulder or unclip one side for pulling your toddler along on an adventure! (We also found this useful for hanging across the handles of our pushchair).
  • Did I mention.. It has wheels!! Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind an adult version!

Made in Britain with a 5 year guarantee RRP £39.99

So what are you waiting for!? Grab the kids, and let them have a go at creating their very own masterpiece to keep forever!

Design Your Own Trunki

You can read ‘s review of the Trunki Made For Me designs here we also have a very exciting competition coming up where you can WIN a chance to create your very own Made For Me Trunki!

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