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milton solosteriliser

The timing couldn’t have been better! Take It From Mummy received this Milton Solo 2 in 1 travel steriliser just before jetting off for ten days to Rhodes. Where better to give the steriliser a good, lengthy road test!

Armed with bottles, cutlery, bibs and dummies and a billion other things one takes away abroad when travelling with little ones, we knew this would probably come in handy, and we weren’t wrong!

The travel steriliser boasts the following:

Key features

  • 2 in 1 microwave or cold water Single bottle Steriliser
  • Ideal for travel, overnight stays or when you’re away from home
  • Sterilises from 2 minutes in the microwave and in 15 mins with cold water
  • Unique safety vent technology to increase the temperature inside the Solo for better sterilisation
  • Innovative lay-flat lip to fit all microwaves
  • Watertight thanks to a unique seal in the lid
  • Contents stay sterile for 24 hours
  • BPA free

We stayed in a hotel when abroad so only used this as a cold water steriliser but we are passing it on to another of our Mum’s panel to test out with her 7 month old in a self catering cottage in England so we can review the microwave side of things.

At first I used my baby brain and filled it up with water & sterilising tablet before I put the items in I wanted to sterilise. I quickly realised I was a complete idiot as obviously the whole thing overflowed when I tried to put in our little one’s bottle! Plonker! So then I did it correctly.. pop all your bits in..Bottle facing with opening upwards, we also put in our baby’s cutlery and a dummy & had plenty of room to spare. Then fill to line with water and add a quarter of a Milton Tablet, pop on the lid and Bob’s your uncle.

I was impressed at the lid which pushed my floating soother right down to ensure it was covered by all the water, not only that, but I unwittingly tested the ‘watertight’ feature when I knocked it on the floor (yes it was clearly a blonde day) and the whole thing remained fully intact and no drips.

Take It from Mummy’s Overall Verdict!

It’s not huge, it has to be a certain size, to fit a bottle and other bits. It fitted fine in our suitcase & I used it to store some toiletries on the plane so they didn’t leak in our luggage! ..(Not such a silly day that day!haha). We liked the design and that it only took a small amount of tablet meaning we didn’t have to take loads away with us.

A travel steriliser which does exactly what it says on the tin..and possibly more. Very impressed with the quality as I always am with Milton products.

5* From Take It From Mummy! Thank you Milton!



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