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Getting through the Summer holidays! Here is our (ever growing) list of top tips on how to get through the Summer Holidays with your children to make it fun for everyone.

As always, if you have any top tips or would like to add to any of our features please do contact us 

1. Write a ‘bucket list’ of things to do with your little ones. You might be surprised at the inexpensive things they come up with that will make their day!

2. If you have a group of friends with little ones, help eachother out. Why not rotate once a week to eachother’s houses and take a picnic and a blanket (saving the host cooking & mess inside) and have a garden party.

3. Sticker Charts!

Make a sticker chart. Put the days of the week on it and give the children a minimum number of stickers they need to get per day. Stickers can be given for good behavior, brushing teeth, staying in bed at night, completing chores around the house etc.

4. Then…

If you’re planning some big outings (expensive ones eg Alton Towers) why not plan them for the end of the week. This will mean that the ‘reward’ for the children getting all their stickers can be the ‘big’ trip. The idea is that they will be so excited about their trip that they will make sure they’re good so they get their reward.

A visual picture of where you’re going stuck next to, or on the reward chart will help remind them! 😉

5. Read our cheap/free activities to do with your children over Summer guide for simple ideas that you can do at home. – Coming Soon 🙂 


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