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It’s the ONLY muscle in a human’s body that you can work out without breaking a sweat and the only one that no one will know you’re exercising  The only muscle that can help in the bedroom and save you from potentially embarrassing problems in later life. 

We will randomly remind you when and how to do it all from the comfort of your own home, car, desk… Anywhere really!! All while you’re checking out your newsfeed.

So.. Fancy starting a new body fitness challenge TOMORROW 1st August?! It won’t cost you a penny and you can thank us later :)!

Like our facebook page and join the challenge!!


Share the link with your friends and you’re on your way to well being!

There’s also a £20 voucher for Sainsburys up for grabs to anyone who likes the page! The competition will start when we reach 500 likes.

You could treat yourself to a nice bottle (or two) of wine on us for all your hard work!

See you there!



More info on 30 Day Tense!

How many minutes do you spend on Facebook a day? Imagine if 5 of those minutes could help your love life and un-do any damage that might have been done previously and save you in the future… while you’re still checking out your newsfeed!

Interested? Here’s how!

Every day we will randomly post a prompt at various intervals to remind you to tense some of the most important muscles we all own. No one will even know you’re doing it!

Man or Woman, mother or not. Tensing your pelvic floor exercises every day can cure stress incontinence in a matter of weeks, (girls) it will improve your sensitivity during sex, and boys it will cut your chances of ever having erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence in the future.

We all know if you’ve had a baby, or planning to have one, you’ll need these exercises! Babies put huge pressure on the muscles and tissue and they can become over stretched and weak.

Frankly, if you leak a little when you cough, sneeze or exercise it’s not too late & all you need is this challenge!

What are the benefits to me?

  • For women, as well as helping improve symptoms of urinary incontinence, strong pelvic floor muscles can also mean increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms.
  • Stress incontinence is when urine leaks when there is a sudden extra pressure (‘stress’) on the bladder. Urine tends to leak most when you cough, laugh, or when you exercise (like jump or run). Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can often cure stress incontinence.
  • If you’re pregnant or plan to have a baby one day The exercises will lower your risk of experiencing incontinence after having your baby and it helps with the healing afterwards!
  • If your vaginal muscles are weak, it’s possible for your uterus, bowel or bladder to sag down and push against the walls of your vagina causing what’s known as a prolapse.
  • Doing just a few pelvic floor exercises every day will help to treat bladder weakness or prolapse symptoms, and will help to prevent problems later on.
  • Pelvic floor exercises can also benefit men with problems such as erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting or keeping an erection) and urinary incontinence.

The pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and bowel and give you control when you urinate. They relax at the same time as the bladder contracts (tightens) to let urine out.

Having a weak pelvic floor makes it harder for you to squeeze the muscles at the bottom of your bladder to prevent wee from escaping.

You are going to need a strong pelvic floor forever! So you may as well build it now.

Also as hormonal changes after the menopause can make pelvic floor problems more likely. If your vaginal muscles are weak, it’s possible for your uterus, bowel or bladder to sag down and push against the walls of your vagina causing whats known as a prolapse.

Doing just a few pelvic floor exercises every day will help prevent all this in later life.. No need for tenna lady!

We know how busy your lives are! These little exercises we all know we should be doing fall by the wayside when we are busy getting on with daily life! We are here to give you a gentle reminder.

How to do the 30 Day Tense Challenge

You can feel your pelvic floor muscles if you try to stop the flow of urine when you go to the toilet. (Remember.. it isn’t recommended that you regularly stop your flow of urine mid stream because it can be harmful to the bladder.)


  • To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, sit comfortably and squeeze the muscles 10 to 15 times in a row.
  • Do not hold your breath or tighten your stomach, buttock or thigh muscles at the same time.
  • When you get used to doing pelvic floor exercises, you can try holding each squeeze for a few seconds.
  • Every week, you can add more squeezes, but be careful not to overdo it and always have a rest in-between sets of squeezes.

After a few weeks, you should start to notice the results. Any incontinence should improve, as well as the sensitivity you experience during sex. Remember, you should carry on doing the exercises, even when you notice them starting to work.

Our Facebook page is going to be posting random daily prompts to let you discreetly strengthen your muscles and gain good control. It will take just a minute and you can do it all while checking out your newsfeed!


If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you can start doing pelvic floor exercises straight away. The exercises will lower your risk of experiencing incontinence after having your baby.

After childbirth.

The common reason for the pelvic floor muscles to become weakened is childbirth. If you do pelvic floor muscle exercises after childbirth, it may prevent stress incontinence developing later in life.



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