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BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-FreeFor the love of scrub. Let them play in the dirt, then put them in the bath and toss in Scrubble. They’ll think it’s fun. Kids can fill each bulb with water, squeeze it out or slide it all around like a soapy loofa. And we gave this squirt toy two halves that unscrew. That means you can mix and match the colors.

Our reviewer Zoe tried out the Scrubble Bath Squirters with her daughter Grace..

Here is their verdict:

The Product: Scrubble Interchangable Bath Toys

Your Name: Zoe Smith

Duration of trial: Bath Time

My daughter is 3 and loves bath time and was very excited to have these new bath toys to play with. They are a good size for the children to hold although a little hard to squeeze but daughter soon found she could do it when using both hands. The bottom of the scrubbles twist open To make it easier for the children to fill them up with water and can change which shape goes on them. This is also a clever idea for when you have to clean them as I have found with bath toys in the past some are impossible to clean the inside, these you just twist open and are then able to reach all of the areas to clean. My daughter is 3 and was able to fill them up and twist them herself to loosen and tighten them. She also really loved the fact that once she had undone them she could also use them as containers to fill, empty and pour. 

Built to Last:

These toys are a sturdy material for children to hold and are easy to clean so can see it being a bath toy that will last forever.

Star Rating: 5

Value for money:

Haven’t looked how much they are to buy but it is a product I would be willing to buy for friends and family children in the future.

Star rating: 4

Easy to use:

This product is easy to fill up and twist but not as easy to squeeze the water out of. I would recommend them for 2 year plus unless the parent is squeezing them themselves. My daughter loved watching me squeeze them and the water squirting into her stomach but struggled to squeeze them herself.

Star Rating: 4

What you like about it? 

How they twist to open to change shapes and for cleaning them.

What you don’t like about it?

Is bit hard or daughter to squeeze

What could make it even better?

The top of the scrubbles are soft rubber to enable the child to squeeze but then it goes hard nearer the middle so would suggest making the toy a softer material to enable younger children to be able to squeeze it themselves.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?


Would you buy this product?


Your Final Word on the Product:

A lovely new collection to my daughters fave bath toys. Really clever idea.


Take It From Mummy would like to thank #Boon and #TomyUk for supplying the Scrubble Bath Toys for review and also to Zoe for reviewing and donating to our charity for the bath toys. 

If you would like to buy the Scrubble bath toys you can click on the image below and buy from Amazon

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