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count the kicks competition

As visitors to our website and Facebook pages probably already know, we love to be involved with charities and have made nearly £900.00 for our local Special Care Baby Unit so far!

One of the charities that we believe in greatly is Count the Kicks, a charity who are raising awareness of the importance of expecting Mummies keeping an eye on their baby’s movements.

This month Direct Debit are offering £2000 to the charity who wins the most votes on their website.

Each month from March until June Direct Debit will donate £5,000 to the causes you think are most deserving. You tell us where the money should go with your votes. The cause that receives the highest number of votes each month will receive £2,000; the cause with the second highest number of votes will receive £1,000; and the remaining £2,000 will be divided amongst the runners up. The number of runners up may vary each month

Count The Kicks has just a few days remaining to get the highest amount of votes and are currently in 4th place.

Please take one minute out of your day today to click on ‘vote’ for this important cause. VOTE HERE 🙂

£2000 would provide 40,000 leaflets to pregnant women and could make a huge difference to#savinglittlelives

count the kicks competition 2


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