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The Doidy Cup – buy here on Amazon

The trainer cup with big claims! The Doidy cup is promoted by health professionals to help prevent premature tooth decay and speech problems, it also encourages good oral movements and helps to develop good chewing skills as the jaw, tongue and mouth muscles are used.

We have seen the Doidy cup everywhere and cannot wait to find out if it lives up to its fabulous reputation! Two Doidy cups are under trial with two families and we will let you know our findings, right here!

Here is the first completed review from our Mum’s Panel reviewer:

The Product: Doidy cup

Your Name: Laura Bond

Age of child trialing the product: 16months

Gender of child trialing the product: Male

Duration of trial: 1week

Built to Last: Yes

Star Rating: 5 star
s – Very sturdy, has been dropped and bitten and still in one piece with no chunks etc missing.

Value for money: Good value for money, costs as much as a beaker and is small enough to place in the changing bag while out too.

Star rating:4

Easy to use: Yes

, Very easy to use, my son took to it immediately and instantly knew what to do with it.

Star Rating: 5

What you like about it.. 
I love the small handles for small fingers and hands, also the bright colours it can come in, entices the children and captures there eye.

What you don’t like about it

What could make it even better?

If you could get different sizes, depending on how the child adapts to it, so that u could have a slightly bigger cup with volume of drink, also if it came with a lid, so if you are out and your child needs a drink it can already be available without having to have additional beakers or bottles with you.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes definitely….I already have.

Would you buy this product?

Yes I would

The Doidy Cup is a very good design and great value for money….I was a little sceptical at first but our child has taken to it extremely well and actually wants to drink more due to it being it the cup and not a beaker or a bottle.

Thanks for letting me trial. 🙂

Doidy Cup Review


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