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Well this is one we haven’t come across before! If your bathroom is anything like ours you will probably be quite excited about this handy little two in one play and storage from Boon! This product is being tested as we speak so stand-by for our review. More info below as always and you can purchase from Amazon HERE

BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free

An ocean of bath toys fit inside the Whale Pod so they can be easily stored and left to drip-dry. Kids love how it playfully scoops water. Parents love less bath time mess.


  • Removable scoop makes bath time clean-up fun and easy
  • Stores and organizes bath accessories
  • Wall-mounted base with built-in shelf
  • Reduces mold and mildew
  • Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware
  • BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Recommended age: All ages
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 9.5″ x 6.5″


The Product: Boon Whale Scoop Bath Toy

Your Name: Krissy Jarvis

Age of child trialling the product : 7,5 and 2

Gender of child trialing the product: 2 boys and a girl

I picked up Whale pod from Nikki and was very keen to get it home and set it up. It was well packaged with nice pictures and colours. I read the instructions, there are 2 ways to attach this to wall. There are adhesive pads or permanently attaching to the wall with screws. I decided to opt for the adhesive pads and followed the instructions accordingly. Once up on the wall I thought it looked really nice, it is well built and sturdy, it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart easily. The whale comes in 2 parts, the head and the body/tail. Within the head is an integrated shelf which is great for putting shampoo or soap on. The body/tail comes off and this is where the toys are collected, it is quite nice and big so can easily hold a few toys. The body has cut away detail so as you scoop all the toys up the water drains away nicely.

Built to Last:

Star Rating:4 stars

I think it is a well-built product that will last well.

Value for money:

Star rating: 3 stars

Yes This product retails at around £24.99,

Easy to use:

Star Rating 4 stars

This is really easy to use, the children enjoyed using it to tidy up the bath.

What you like about it?

I like the fact that it is very easy to use, easy to clean and fun for the children, encourages them to get involved

What you don’t like about it:

I think that the only thing I really didn’t like was the adhesive pads didn’t last. There are screws to be able to permanently fix it to the wall but I didn’t want to do this. I was disappointed that despite following the instructions it fell off after a few days.

What could make it even better?

I think if the adhesive pads were improved then it would be a really nice addition to the bathroom.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

I think I would yes

Would you buy this product?

I think if money was no issue then yes I would buy it myself.

On the whole I think this is a really nice product, it is good quality and won’t fall apart easily. My only criticism would be the lack of adhesive on the pads, this only lasted a few days so would recommend the screw option to permanently attach to the wall.

Take It From Mummy would like to thank TOMY UK for providing their product for review and also to Krissy for her review and her kind donation to our charity for the product. x


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