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Water Babies – Swimming Lessons for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers in Warwickshire

Updated 2024

Our Water Babies Classes offer a well-structured and progressive learning experience, treating it as a journey from the time you commence with your tiny bundle until they confidently exit as 5-year-olds.

Each half-hour lesson is meticulously crafted to introduce your baby or child to water, gradually building their confidence, experience, and understanding until they joyfully engage in activities like jumping in, collecting sinkies, and, most importantly, swimming.

Throughout the course, you’ll be by your child’s side in the water, providing an excellent opportunity for bonding, interaction, and shared learning. The curriculum places a significant emphasis on water safety, imparting crucial life-saving skills through gentle and progressive training. Your child will learn essential techniques, including swimming to the surface after a sudden submersion and holding onto the nearest solid object.

Our commitment to professionalism is unwavering, and our instructors boast the highest level of training in the industry. They are adept at identifying and responding to your child’s cues and needs within the pool environment, holding the prestigious Swim England’s highest teaching qualification for under 5’s.

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Baby and Toddler swimming is a delightful and engaging activity, designed to foster your child’s growth and knowledge. Our lessons are not only informative but also filled with exciting and interactive activities. You and your little one will progress at your own pace, with the flexibility to start the journey whenever you’re ready, at any stage.
We’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to welcome you and your little one into the pool.

Classes Available at:

Swim In A Tin, Leamington – Mondays

Core Gym, Leamington – Mondays & Saturdays

Thorns Infant School, Kenilworth – Tuesday & Saturday

Marriot Forest of Arden, Meriden – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday.

Cardinal Wiseman, Coventry – Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday

Tiverton School – Saturday & Sunday

Chesford Grange, Kenilworth – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Walton Hall, Wellesbourne – Wednesday & Thursday

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